Vulnerable yet resilient

It occurred to me how vulnerable we humans are when a few nights ago my wife and I were cowering under our blankets because we heard the droning of a mosquito.  I turned on the light, but we could not see it.  I opted to spray myself with mosquito repellent, but my wife simply cowered, only her nose extruding from the sheets.  Two huge animals, a trillion times bigger, cowering from a tiny insect.

Also a few nights ago while watching TV I noticed that I had something in my eye.  I assumed that it was an eye-lash, and I went and washed out my eye, but it did not go away.  So I tried again and again, also using a saline spray that usually works, but it did not do so.  It bothered me so much that I could not sleep and got up at 5,30 am to have a shower in the hope of washing it out.  When it did not, I went to the clinic, but the nurse wouldn’t touch my eye and said go to a doctor or an eye doctor.  Since my GP’s office was close by I went there and he saw me after a short wait (unusual) and told me he could not see any lash in my eye, but I did have a small infection that might develop into a sty. He gave me antibiotic drops.  So a tiny infection in my eye basically brought me to a standstill. 

Yet, on the other hand, human beings can be amazingly adaptable and can survive under incredibly adverse conditions.  My friend who survived the Shoah as a child lived under such appalling conditions of deprivation, starvation, cold and illness, being unable to make noise or play while in hiding in Poland for three long years.  But, he did survive and now has many grandchildren in Israel.  We humans are very vulnerable, but can also be very resilient.


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