Terrorism in France

The numbers in France are chilling, 240 killed and hundreds injured in 22 terrorist attacks since the Charlie Hebdo/Jewish Supermarket attacks in 2015.   Over 20,000 individuals (Muslims) are on the terrorist watch list and 15,000 of them are considered to be actively dangerous.  The French police simply cannot cope with the numbers and lack the capabilities to monitor them all.  The latest attack on the Champs Elysee in the very heart of Paris two days before the Presidential election by a French-born Muslim of North African origin, named Karim Cheurfi (39), may be the straw that breaks the camel’s back.

Martine Le Pen is calling for all people on the terrorist watch list to be expelled from France.  This is understandable, but problematic since many of them are French-born or are French naturalized citizens.  She has said that she would immediately expel all foreign-born suspects (shades of Trump).  Note that most of them have not yet committed a crime.  But, Cheurfi had, he had attacked a policeman 5 years ago and a few months ago had threatened to kill police, although there was not enough evidence to hold him. Such people, petty criminals who are Muslims, should be the highest suspects and should be removed from society.  This attack may help Marine Le Pen to be elected, and if it does then the extremist Muslims will get what they want, a rabid anti-Muslim French Government that they can accuse of anti-Muslim bias and then fight it openly.

If Marine Le Pen gets elected over this attack, then she may do a Frexit, and that would signal the end of the EU and of the tendency for the European countries to join together to avoid European wars.  How that would work out in time is unpredictable.  But, we are getting ahead of ourselves, Le Pen has not been elected yet, and maybe the more moderate centrists will pull their irons out of the fire in time.  

Now the French and other Europeans are finding what it is like to be an Israeli, under constant Muslim attack.  But, of course they still don’t get it, they think that Israel is oppressing the Palestinians due to some “imperialist, colonialist, occupation.”  That’s all fantasy, just as much as that Israel is called “apartheid.”  I can assure any reader that this is a total fiction, there is certainly more apartheid in the USA than in Israel!