Ramming attacks

There was another ramming attack outside Jerusalem last week.  An Arab from Silwad drove up and down the street until he saw an opportunity to avoid the concrete barriers and then rammed his car into two IDF soldiers who were standing at a bus-stop near Ofra.  He killed one of them, Eichai Teharlev (20) and injured the other.  His car crashed and he was injured and captured. 

Such ramming attacks have been going on in Israel for years, but only get publicity when they occur in Western cities, such as London, Nice and Berlin.  Of course, the casualties were higher there because they had no security.  One country that has been highly supportive of the Palestinian movement and is generally anti-Israel is Sweden.  The attack on Fri in Stockholm when a driver of a stolen truck rammed into a store in the center of town and killed four and injured 50 was widely reported.  They were killed randomly by a Muslim terrorist from Uzbekistan, despite their friendship for the Muslims and their support for their causes.  Being a liberal does not protect you from the terrorists.  In fact Sweden is one of the most anti-Semitic countries, mainly because it has such a large immigrant Muslim population.  Malmo, one of the largest cities, now has a Muslim majority and is essentially a Juden frei city (the Nazis would have been happy).

It is true that terrorism takes a toll in Israel, but in comparison to road accidents it is small in number.  There is on average one person killed a day on the roads in Israel. Also, the number of immigrants to Israel far outweighs the losses.  For example in the last 15 years, Nefesh b’Nefesh (soul by soul) has brought 55,000 Jews to Israel, mostly from the US, and these people have had 15,000 babies in Israel (according to a Report in the Jerusalem Post).  So while we cannot accept the cost of terrorism, and while we mourn the lives lost, we must point out to the terrorists and to others, that it is a losing battle. Even the “lone wolf” attacks are waning and terrorism on individuals cannot in any way affect the status of the conflict.


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