The Mess Trump Inherited

I agree with President Trump, the recent attack by Syrian planes in Idlib province using chemical weapons that killed at least 100 civilians in the most horrific circumstances can be traced to the incompetence of President Obama.  As soon as he said the use of chemical weapons was for him “a red line in the sand,” we expected finally some resolute action.  But, of course the opposite happened. Incredulously he put the whole affair in the hands of Pres. Putin of Russia, that allowed Putin to enter the Syrian war on the side of his ally Pres. Assad of Syria. Putin assured Obama that he would take care of stopping Assad’s use, production and stock-piling of chemical weapons.  To do this they set up an international committee that approved the process of ending the use of chemical weapons in Syria by Assad against his own people. 

If you believed that I have a bridge I want to sell you.  It required trusting Putin and Assad to keep their word that they would not try to cheat the system they had set up. Now we see the results of that huge foreign policy blunder.  Not only did it allow the  Russians to become entrenched in the Middle East and expand their influence, but Assad is able to unleash his chemical weapons again against civilians again.  All of these casualties are the result of the failure of Obama to project and use American power when it was needed and all these deaths are on his head (remember that when you next see him golfing in Hawaii).  

Another major aspect of  Obama’s failure was the published schedule of the removal of US forces from Iraq, that allowed ISIS to make a lightning attack against the incompetent Iraqi Army and take over Mosul and swathes of northern Iraq.  This was the case of the US retracting its power and leaving another vacuum for the bad guys to fill.  Now after several months of fighting at great cost to military and civlian lives, the restored Iraqi Army is nearing the reconquest of the last IS stronghold in western Mosul. All of these lives lost can be attributed to Obama’s failure in foreign policy, in fact the absence of any effective foreign policy.  

The leaders of N. Korea have been on a binge of development of nuclear weapons and intercontinental ballistic missiles that threaten not only US allies, but potentially the US itself. For the past 25 years US leaders have left this situation to worsen, but Obama failed in every respect to deal with this problem.  In fact, after 8 years in office he left a more dangerous situation for the future President.  Depending on the Chinese has obviously not worked.  Pres. Trump will meet this week with Pres. Xi Jinping of China in Florida and according to his statement he plans to give the Chinese leader an ultimatum. Either do something about N. Korea or we will be forced to do it ourselves.

Finally Iran, Pres. Trump has stated several times that the Iran nuclear deal was the worst deal he has ever seen.  Not only does it fail to stop Iran from ultimately achieving nuclear weapons, but it allows them to continue their support of terrorism and exporting their revolution around the Middle East.  This is now more dangerous in Syria, where they are working with Pres, Assad and the Russians to expand their position on the doorstep of Israel.  The latest danger is that Israel has discovered that Iran, instead of transporting advanced weapons to Syria, that are usually destroyed by IAF attacks, is now setting up weapons manufacturing facilities in Syria itself.   Another development for which we can thank Pres. Obama.  Let’s hope that Pres. Trump shows some more backbone and can get us out of this terrible mess that he has inherited.

PS.  This was written before the recent US missile attack on Syria, which will be addressed in my next blog posting.


2 thoughts on “The Mess Trump Inherited

  1. The best quote about the limits of the Presidency probably came from Theodore Roosevelt. His oldest daughter, Alice, was “a piece of work”. Look her up. She was a handful — for both her dad, and for her husband, Ohio Rep. Nicholas Longworth.
    TR said, at one point, “I can run the country or I can be the father to Alice… I am only one man, I can’t do both!!

    Yes, there may have been foreign policy failings on the part of the previous American administration. The jury is still out on that thesis… But let’s remember what Pres. Obama inherited from Pres. GWBush — Obama inherited a hemorrhaging economy and the different world set of problems.

    And GWB inherited his own set of issues from Bill Clinton, and Clinton inherited from Reagan/GHWB… so how far back do we want to go, how far back do we want to play this game?

    ~ Ron


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