Egypt back into the fold

One of the most serious mistakes of Pres. Obama’s term in office was to support the Muslim Brotherhood candidate in Egypt, Pres Morsi, when he was democratically elected.  When the Egyptian Army took over and removed Morsi, Obama opposed them and even when Gen. al-SiSi became President al-Sisi of Egypt, he refused to cooperate with thim.  Thus the US lost influence with a major Arab player and forced him into the arms of Pres. Putin of Russia. Obama “lost” Egypt, as Carter “lost” Iran.

Now Pres. Trump has reversed that process and has reinstated the cornerstone of US foreign policy, that interests, realpolitik, must always trump sentiment in dealing with foreign powers.  Thus Nixon went to China, even though he rightly detested the Communists.  Thus, even Obama expanded trade ties with China, notwithstanding their continuing human rights violations.  To put US relations with Egypt in jeopardy in order to support the Muslim Brotherhood was a serious and even stupid mistake of Obama’s policy of allowing liberal sentiment to govern major decisions.

Now Pres. Trump has not only invited Pres. al-Sisi to the White house, but has gone to great lengths to show the good relations between the two men.  They met for 2.5 hours, and agreed to re-start Middle East talks between the Israelis and the Palestinians.  In that respect, Egypt as the major Arab country has always been an arbiter, and also now there are very good relations between Israel and al-Sisi.  They are fighting a common enemy, the IS terrorists that have otained a foothold in Sinai and have killed many Egyptian Army and police members.  Whether or not this IS force is supported by Hamas in Gaza is unclear.

Another report said that Trump has agreed to al-Sisi’s request to label the Muslim Brotherhood as a terrorist organization.  This should cause those who say that Islam is a peaceful religion and that the Muslim Brotherhood, that was the founding organization of Hamas, al Qaeda and even IS, is a “moderate” Muslim organization.  Think again.