US Anti-Semitism

So the much-touted wave of anti-Semitic threats to Jewish organizations throughout the US, and also in Australia and New Zealand, have been traced to a single disturbed American Jewish teen living in Ashkelon, Israel.  The FBI used special techniques to trace the calls that had been cleverly masked by electronic techniques.  According to reports this boy has a brain tumor and has autism, although he is very intelligent.  

He was obviously intelligent enough to carry out this crime as well as being able to locate all the phone numbers.  His father has also been arrested on suspicion of aiding and abetting his activities.  How could a teen make all these expensive calls without someone paying for them?  And what was the reasoning behind targeting so many Jewish organizations?

Those who automatically blamed Pres. Trump and his so-called far right-wing supporters for this supposed wave of anti-Semitism owe him an apology (I doubt he will get it).  Those who proclaimed a huge wave of anti-Semitism in the US should rethink their analysis.  This was nothing more than a nasty prank carried out by a disturbed Jewish teen. Nevertheless, there is still increased anti-Semitism in the US as judged from polls and the recent spate of desecration of Jewish cemeteries.  

Unfortunately, the Jews have tendency to self-harm and self-denigrate. Witness the Jewish Voices for Peace inviting a Palestinian terrorist, who was convicted of murdering two Israeli Jews, to speak at their annual convention.  Disgusting!  They are no better than an autistic boy with a brain tumor.



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