Civilian Casualties

It has been reported that there are still ca. 400,000 Iraqi civilians trapped in Eastern Mosul, where the fighting is heaviest between the US-backed Iraqi Army and the remnants of the IS fighters.  In order to dislodge the IS the USAF is heavily bombing the old city of Mosul.  As civilians stream out of there, many have been kept behind as civilian shields by the IS forces and many have been killed by them while they were trying to escape.  The exact number of casualties are unknown, but it must be in the thousands.  

But I see no international furore over this, I see no demonstrations in London, Paris, Berlin and Washington, by large numbers of very highly motivated leftist humanitarians and riots by hooded thugs, breaking windows and setting fires.  Yet they did this when the IDF was forced to counter-attack Gaza after thousands (yes thousands) of missiles were shot into Israel before the war of Operation protective Edge in 2012.  What hypocrisy, what double standards. No-one cares, least of all the Western humanitarians, when Arabs kill Arabs, even with US help.  But should Israel lay a finger on Palestinians, whatever the justification, heaven help us.

There are no UN resolutions calling for the US to be sanctioned for war crimes.  Yet the toll of dead in Mosul from USAF bombing is certainly higher than that in Gaza in 2012 for the IAF.   It was estimated that excluding Hamas combatants (usually irregulars without uniforms) the total casualty count in Gaza was ca. 1,200.   Many more than that have been killed in Iraq, and in Syria the total number of dead is estimated at ca. 450,000 (!) after 5 years of war.  Yet the highly motivated liberal humanitarians, who knew to the minute the latest Hamas casualty figures, couldn’t care less.  Le them kill each other, as long as they don’t touch our favorite victims, the Palestinians, and as long as it isn’t those terrible bloodthirsty Jews doing it.  If that isn’t anti-Semitism I fail to understand what is.


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