Patriots Day

I watched the movie “Patriots Day” with fascination.  It tells in dramatic fashion the story of the actual events relating to the bombing of the Boston Marathon on Patriots Day, April 15, 2013.   We all now know that the Tsarnaev brothers from Chechnya cold-bloodedly planned and carried out the deed.  Their IEDs (informal explosive devices) consisted of pressure cookers crammed with explosives and like other Islamist terrorists they included ball bearings and nails to cause maximum tissue damage.

These bombs were of course carried in back-packs.  If only the police had blocked off all access routes to the marathon and checked all bags going in, as they do in Israel for any public event.  I hope they do that now.  After the ramming attacks in Nice, Berlin and London, it will clearly be necessary for the British and others to install concrete or metal barriers wherever crowds gather.  This can be expensive, but it can save lives. This is what has been done in Jerusalem and around Israel.

How strange that all these Muslim terrorists turn out to be deranged or insane, is it Islam that does that to them.  Just because they are disillusioned or resentful of western society doesn’t mean they have to go out and kill people. Just because there is a war going on in Iraq or Syria, is that the fault of the USA, UK or other Western countries.  Does killing and maiming innocent people make up the balance – this kind of primitive revenge.  In the Boston bombings there were three dead and several hundred injured, including 16 who lost limbs, as well as one policeman shot dead and several injured.  Suppose someone decided to blow-up the elder Tsarnaev brother’s wife and daughter, would that also be just. Suppose they lost limbs, would he have accepted that as Allah’s will?  

What is most worrying about these types of attacks is that they are basically dismissed as “lone wolf attacks,” some deranged Muslim is self-radicalized and goes out and kills people.  And the perpetrators turn out to be on the police watch list of dangerous individuals.  The Tsarnaev brothers should never have been allowed into the USA. Wouldn’t it be better if they arrested them before they struck, yes arrest innocent men and if necessary deport them on suspicion of planning a terrorist attack.  It might reduce the freedom of some people, but it might also save 16 people from losing a limb, maybe you or someone you hold dear from being murdered.


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