China and Israel

Israeli PM Netanyahu visited China last week, accompanied by a prestigious group of Israeli business leaders and hi-tech experts, and had meetings with Premier Xi Jinping and others.  They are spoke about trade and technology.  China doesn’t have any strategic problem with Israel because Israel is not going to complain about their human rights issues or their island-building in the South China Sea, like the US, the Europeans and Japan would.  

But, what possibly could China and Israel have in common?  China is so huge and has an enormous population, while Israel is so small and has a population that could fit into one of several Chinese cities.  Yet I would submit that there are two things the Jews and the Chinese have in common.  First is an entrepreneurial spirit.  Second is a desire for stability. Even though China is a Communist dictatorship, some might argue that it had to be in order to unify the country and make material progress.  The cost of course for this was tremendous suffering and privation of the masses.  But, hopefully this is past now that China has embraced capitalism and the natural entrepreneurial spirit of the Chinese people is flourishing.  In that respect they can gain a lot from sharing in the amazing technological advances coming out of Israel’s innovative high-tech sector.  For example, milk production has gone up significantly in Vietnam and  China as a result of Israeli hi-tech milk production methods.    

Meanwhile Israeli President Rueven Rivlin was visiting Vietnam, where he attended a show of Israeli military technology.  These visits to Asia are all part of an Israeli effort to forge bilateral ties with countries other than the USA as a result of the antagonistic policies of former President Obama.  These have included Netanyahu’s tour of African countries and recently visits to Singapore and Australia.  Meanwhile the Israeli economy continues to strengthen and the Israeli shekel is one of the strongest currencies in the world.  It is ironical therefore that the current Coalition Government might fall due to a stupid dispute over the Israel Broadcasting Authority.


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