The London Attack

The latest terrorist attack in London, right next to the Houses of Parliament, is dreadful and distressing.  But, I have to mention that we in Israel have been suffering from these ramming and knifing attacks for years, from the same kind of Muslim terrorists, except here they call themselves Palestinians.  There is no doubt shock in the UK at this unexpected terrible attack that took three lives, two civilians and a policeman, as well as injuring 20.  But, the British have not become used to such attacks as we in Israel have. Which is why we built a security fence (called a wall by those who have no understanding of the true situation) and why our forces take preventative action all the time, as the British forces will now have to do, to try to prevent the next attack.

As the Islamic State is being defeated in Syria around Raqqa, and in Iraq around Mosul, so they will try to change the situation by striking back at the home countries of those fighting them.  There is a direct line between the terrorism started by the PLO against western targets in the 1970’s (many airplane hijackings and the 1972 Munich attack)  and the terrorism of Al Qaeda (NY on 9/11) and countless other attacks (for example in Madrid, Casablanca, Bali, Paris, Brussels, Nice, Berlin, Jerusalem).  The fact is that an individual Muslim, in this case a Jamaican British convert, with a car and a knife can cause havoc and bring a major city to a standstill.  I ask, what are the British intelligence services and police forces going to do about it?  There is only one way, follow the Israeli example and collect data on all potential Islamists and use profiling and invasive attacks to get to them before they cause major harm.

We have sympathy for the dead and injured in London, but unforutnaltely most British people and many around the wrold have little or no sympathy for Jews who are murdered here by ramming attacks and knifings by Muslims.  Yet, do we not bleed the same, do we not suffer the same, are our families not as distraught?  Remember Shylock’s speech in Shakespeare’s “Merchant of Venice” next time you hear of a deadly terrorist attack in Israel. 


One thought on “The London Attack

  1. We should think of Shakespeare’s “Merchant of Venice” next time you hear of a deadly terrorist attack in Israel, but in all other Western places as well. Even if these countries do not feel the same way about our citizens, we do share values and philosophy that confronts the crazy of these terrorists. it makes us better and more moral people to feel badly for any person who is killed by terror. Nobody ever wants to travel of go outside and come back in a body bag. Hope you and Naomi have a peaceful and enjoyable Shabbat Shalom.


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