The Rohingya

There is a terrible humanitarian crisis affecting a group of Muslims being persecuted by an occupying force.  If this group were the Palestinians there would be major demonstrations and riots in London, Paris, Berlin and Washington.  But, since the Muslims in this case are the Rohingya in Myanmar (Burma) there are no such demonstarations on their behalf in the Western world. This is the established liberal double-standard, only Palestinians count.

Myanmar is made up of dozens of minority groups and the majority Burmans are fighting wars with several of them, the Rohingya, the Shan and the Karen.  The Rohingya are Muslims who immigrated to Burma from Bangladesh over the past few hundred years. Without doubt they are being ethnically cleansed by the Burmese Army and people.  Their villages are being attacked and destroyed, the people are being burnt alive in their houses and mosques.  But, the Government is under the control of Aung San Suu Kyi, who was previously the darling of the western liberals for her stand against the Generals and in favor of democracy.  Now that she is in charge, at least nominally, she seems to have forgotten her commitment to humanitarian solutions.  

There is another explanation, that she lacks real power and in order to keep her position, she has to keep quiet and let the generals get on with what is after all a popular anti-Rohingya movement.  If Israel did to the Palestinians a fraction of what the Burmese are doing to the Rohingya, you can imagine the international furore there would be. Emergency resolutions would-be passed at the UN, and there would be talk of sanctions and military action.  But, the Burmese can murder as many Rohingya as they like, and no-one cares.  They are not Palestinians and they are not being persecuted by Jews.


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