UN Travesty

The UN goes from bad to worse.  An Undersecretary of the UN Rima Khalaf was forced to resign over her authorship of a Report labelling Israel “an apartheid state.”  Since she is an Arab it is not surprising that blind hatred and bias infuses her Report, although one might expect a certain amount of reality and decorum in UN Reports.  But, not only did Israel and the US protest this Report, but so did the new UN Secty. Gen. Antonio  Guterres. In fact he ordered her to remove it from the UN web-site, but she refused so he fired her last Friday.  At least that looks more reasonable.

The fact is that Israel is no more an apartheid state than is the USA. After all one could argue that Blacks in the US are discriminated against and remain largely separate from the majority white population in ghettos.  In fact more so than Arabs are discriminated against in Israel. But, this does not include Palestinian Arabs,  who are not Israeli citizens and who live in the territories of Gaza and the West Bank and are prevented from entering Israel unless they have work permits (and some 800,000 of them do).  The reason is simple, they enter Israel illegtally in order to terrorize, to kill and maim Israeli civilians. The fact that the security fence that is being built around the West Bank stopped terrorism some 90% proves this.

Will we ever see a more balanced UN and reduced obsession with Israel, that takes some 70% of the UN time, is doubtful.  With all the atrocities carried out in the world, in Syria where ca. 450,000 people are believed to have been killed, in Iraq where massacres are commonplace, in Myanmar where the Rohingya people are being massacred, in Balkans, in South Sudan, in Ukraine where the Russians are bombarding Ukrainian towns, in China where Tibetans are murdered, and so on and so on.  The only way this can change is if the Arab stranglehold on the UN is broken and that will require a tough Secty. General and the threat to really stop US funding that is pegged at 22% of all UN funding.


3 thoughts on “UN Travesty

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