Try Troubleshooting

When all else fails and you fear calling the help center, try “troubleshooting” your computer.  Fed up with calling and having ten different choices in a language you can’t understand (Hebrew) or having an advisor with a strong Indian accent.  Here’s the alternative.  Most people don’t take advantage of the fact that today’s modern computers and programs can in many cases heal themselves, they have built-in troubleshooting capability. 

I decided to try this when for reasons unknown my computer, which is connected to my modem through ethernet said – horror of horrors – “no internet access.”  This kept happening and I was stumped.  So rather than call the HOT line, I tried clicking (somewhat randomly) on various items, including “ethernet properties” and “internet connection.” These led me to pages where it said “troubleshoot connection” or “troubleshoot internet access.”  I tried doing these things and then I usually got further instructions, like “your ethernet is not working” (I knew that), or “there is no ethernet cable,” or “an ethernet cable is loose” or “the ethernet cable is not working.”  

Well, of course there was an ethernet cable, but just in case I detached the cable at each end and reclicked it in and then tested again, and the same result.  So I thought well why not, cables can break down, so I found a new ethernet cable that the last cable guy had left me to attach my laptop via ethernet if I wanted to (for example to download large files rather than thru the wifi).  And sure enough it worked – internet access was restored.  I felt very good, problem solved by a little bit of messing around.   But, then the next morning again “no internet access.”

So I decided to go a bit further and clicked on troubleshooting my internet connection and there it went through various iterations and came up with a different error message “Ethernet doesn’t have a valid ip configuration.”   Oh, so I thought maybe I can try to fix that, so under “ethernet” I tried to troubleshoot “ip address.”  Mind you I’m not sure what an ip address is, but I believe it is the so-called international protocol that all computers attached to the internet must have as its address.  And sure enough troubleshooting that seemed to work – again.  Suddenly – “internet access.”  

I had to restart my computer and this time when it booted up there was no problem with the internet connection and there hasn’t been since. I have not had a repeat of the problem, but I am not sure it was really this troubleshooting that fixed it. So my advice, such as it is, is before calling the help center, play around with your troubleshooting capabilities, you might happen to fix something.



One thought on “Try Troubleshooting

  1. Jack, Since I am not Computerwise, I have absolutely no idea what you are talking about. Thank Goodness for that!!!!! Actuyally, I wish I was, to a degree, that is. Shabbat Shalom to you and Noami.


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