Limitation of movement

There seems to be a  hysteria being whipped up about the so-called Trump immigration policy, that is really a Trump anti-terrorism policy.  For example, good liberals argue in favor of free movement of all peoples through all borders, in effect the abolishing of national borders.  This is an extreme view that would allow anyone to go anywhere and would result in the demise of the nation state.  There have been moves such as this in the formation of the EU and the creation fo the Schengen Zone that allows free movement of all EU member  citizens.  BUt, now there is a reaction against this, as evidenced by the Brexit vote.  British people no longer want their borders to be freely open to anyone who is in the EU or can get into the EU.  People in Holland and France are joining this movement, in a bid to re-establish their national sovereignty.

As an Israeli I think it would be hypocritical of me to argue that this is wrong, since I see the survival of Israel only being possible if we can keep the  vast number of antagonistic and poor Arabs and Muslims out of our country.  To have free movement and open borders would be suicide, and let’s face it, that is what an ever-increasing number of Europeans are realizing.  Call it right-wing if you like, but it is a reality.  There is a limit, there is always a finite limit as to the number of foreigners a given culture can absorb without being so changed as to be unrecognizable.  It may be that liberal Diaspora Jews have a dimeterically opposed viewpoint, but that should nto be surprising.

Let me give you an example, the City of London is a very congested place.  For years there have been payments for people to drive into the City.  It is divided into zones and each zone has a required payment for entry.  It is obvious that this is a necessary and effective approach to regulate entry into a very congested area.  Why can’t countries be like this, and in fact they have been.  That is, they restrict entry according to their own rules and regulations decided on the basis of the safety and the economic benefit of the country.  If a country needs more qualified workers it can let some in.  If it needs nurses, it can give them preference.

If it does not want to allow people in who it deems will be disruptive and/or detrimental to its security, it has that right too.  I agree with Trump, an effective sovereign state needs to have well-defined categories for entry.  Those who go out and demonstrate in favor of immigration are knocking against an open door.  No-one serious is against immigration per se, but it is open and unlimited and illegal immigration that is the problem. 


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