The Russian Connection?

I am just not clever enough to sort out this so-called Russian connection between Trump and his associates and the Russians.  Just because during the campaign Trump, as he likes to do, said something unexpected, to the effect that he likes Putin because he’s a strong leader, so suddenly everyone, particularly the liberal press, decided that he had a secret deal with Putin.  Suddenly stories abounded, about how Trump himself had met with Putin, that Putin was blackmailing him for something he once did in Russia, that Trump secretly owned businesses in Russia, that Russia was interfering in the US election, that Trump’s appointees, such as Gen. Flynn, were secretly meeting with the Russians, and so on and so on.  As far as I know there was no evidence whatsoever for any of these stories.

But, of course, when there’s this much smoke, there has to be some fire somewhere.  So the Congress Democrats are mounting investigations of this very serious matter.  Now it so happens that Flynn did meet with a Russian, but people in his position (National Security Advisor) meet with Russians all the time.  Why assume there is something suspicious about it.   But, then Flynn apparently lied about meeting with a Russian, it seems he thought it better not to own up to it.  That got him fired before he even started his job.  Now everyone is fired up, apparently Flynn acted as an agent of some Russian agency.  Who knows?  So there are going to be hearings on the Hill.  Now the FBI are involved.  If they ever get close to the truth from this politically motivated process I will be very surprised.

What is more serious is that both the US and Russia are now fighting in Syria.  True they are both fighting the IS, but the US is supporting the rebels who are fighting the IS trying to capture Raqqa, while the Russians are supporting the Assad regime, allied with the Iranians, who oppose the rebels. So they are both on the same side and on opposite sides in this three-way war.  Of course, former Pres. Obama is to blame for allowing the Russians to be in there anyway, and without Putin’s presence Assad might have been gone by now.  But, Obama caused the war to be extended and cost hundreds of thousands of Syrian lives.  But, the liberal press don’t blame him for that.  How Trump is going to relate to Putin in relation to Syria and the Ukraine is going to be interesting to watch.  



One thought on “The Russian Connection?

  1. Dear Jack:
    The recent stories about Trump and Putin are not new, neither are these news. The true facts were there all along — but no one, including the media, were paying attention! They were all wrapped up in the stupid, shallow horse race. (Trump has been meeting for years with int’l. leaders as a part of his business proposals and businesses.) Let’s not forget —
    * We are still waiting to see Trump’s tax returns (something even a scumbag like Richard Nixon realized HAD to be released…), and all the worms and cockroaches of info that are therein;
    * We are still waiting for Trump to produce even a shred of any evidence that shows that ex-Pres. Obama or members of his administration wiretapped Trump Tower (REALLY?); and
    * We are still waiting for those segments of the American populace to wake up and realize that his candidacy was more than just a cute real-life version of his “Grade-B” reality-TV show, and that — like Reagan — he represents a “pretty face painted on some pretty ugly policies”.

    As a former US Federal employee that did credible, meaningful research work, you of all people should realize how dangerous a person like Trump is when sitting in the oval office!! (Or did you climb the ladder, claimed you made it ‘on your own’, and pull up the ladder after you?)

    If you really wanted to see what Trump is like in his dealings with other business people and government officials, you need look no further than Atlantic City, New Jersey. His reputation for over promising and under-delivering, and cheating contractors and sub-contractors was there for everyone to see — if one cared to look.
    I humbly suggest that you read a variety of news sources in the USA — not just those that spin towards your opinion — and thus you will gain a wider view of the facts and a wider breadth of what is going on over here.
    Regards to Naomi and the rest of the clan…


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