The Racial Distinction

It is common among liberals to lump all forms of racism together, anti-Black, anti-Semitism, Islamophobia, they’re all the same.  But are they?  To a right-wing extremist, a racist, they might appear to be.  But, looked at more carefully there are distinctions.  

For example, there is a sharp difference between the ambitions of Jewish and Muslim minorities in western societies.   Jews by and large want to stay in the background, they don’t want to rock the boat, they don’t want to draw attention to themselves, and they certainly don’t want to impose their own religious or cultural norms onto the general society.  Certainly non-religious Jews play a large role in western political life, but they want to be part of it, not change it. They want to integrate.

By contrast, Muslims are generally non-integratable, they remain in sharply defined cultural and religious community groups. They don’t like western norms, they want to change them.  In Muslim society in general and especially in the more extremist states, music is forbidden, mixed dancing is forbidden, women must wear clothes that hide themselves completely and women are treated as property.  These are all aspects of Sharia law, and it is incumbent on any believing Muslim to live under Sharia law and to strive to ensure that the country he lives in is governed by Muslims according to Sharia law.

There is an equivalent to Sharia law in Judaism and that is called “Halakha” or “the way.”   The fact is that very few people have ever heard of this because although it is Jewish law, and  governs relations among religious Jews, it has no relevance to the general western society and there are no Jews, as far as I know, who have ever suggested that Halakha should replace indigenous common law in Britain or in any other countries.

With Blacks the matter is a bit more complex, because in the US where the Blacks were slaves they were stripped of their own indigenous cultures and religions, and so became part of American culture and in fact influenced it very strongly (think of jazz, dancing, accents).  However, African Blacks live in a wide range of cultural and religious societies, from West Africa (Nigeria) to East Africa (Kenya) to South Africa.  But, it is generally accepted that tribal ways cannot govern a modern state, and so the societal norms are generally of western colonial origin.

So let’s be a bit careful when we discuss these matters.  They can be controversial.  But, now we are seeing the development of right-wing political parties, such as in Holland and France, that are not ant-Semitic but are anti-Muslim.  It is because they no longer see the Jews as a threat (in any case that “threat” was well taken care of during the Holocaust), but they do see the invasion of western societies by large Muslim minorities as threatening their own way of life.


One thought on “The Racial Distinction

  1. Jack, well done. Some concrete examples of Muslim inflexibility abroad would be helpful to the reader.
    Yashar Koach. Ervin


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