The trouser zipper problem

Men’s trousers last for a very long time and men like to keep on wearing them.  But, what wears out first is the zipper.  The reason is of course that it is the only mechanical part of the trousers and it is used every day – zip down, zip up.

Recently the zips on two of my pairs of trousers went suddenly.  On one of them the moving part called a “thingamybob” simply came off the zipper and although I tried hard I could not get it back on. The two sides of the zipper were joined together at the bottom by a strong metal clip that was impossible to open by normal human force.  It was also impossible to thread the thingamybob back onto the two sides of the zipper so that they joined together.  And it’s not worth taking them in to get them repaired, to replace a zipper costs too much, might as well buy a new pair.

The other pair of trousers had a failure of the small handle with which the moving part, the thingmybob, that joins and opens the zipper is pulled up and down.  It was a metal flap and it simply broke off.  What I did in that case was find a piece of black plastic covered wire, the kind that comes with electrical wires and holds them together.  I threaded that through the small hole in the thingamybob and twisted it around so that I could use it to pull the thingamybob up or down  to open and close the zipper.

The problem with this solution is that the wire tends to come apart with use and I am afraid that one day I am going to need to unzip for whatever reason and the plastic wire thingy is not going to be there.  What will I do then?  Quickly run to the seamstress?



2 thoughts on “The trouser zipper problem

  1. Sorry about the pants getting old, but all good things come to an end. Hope the thingmybob continues to work, and will not give out at the wrong time for you some day. Now you will have a good excuse to go shopping. Thanks for the Purim spiel and keep laughing. Happy Purim and Shabbat Shalom.


  2. This article really made me smile and after looking at 4DAYS off old. Newspapers we were away for a couple of days and couldnt be bothered to cancel them,this smile was very welcome.


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