Let Trump be Trump!

The negative reaction and the legal challenges against President Trump’s Executive Order 13769 of January, 2017, on immigration,  that targeted migrants from seven Muslim countries, resulted in it being effectively blocked.  Now after a few weeks of returning to the status quo ante, a revised Executive Order on immigration has been introduced.  For all the invective about the supposed Trump opposition to immigrants, that is simply not the case.  This Order does not target immigrants per se, it is intended to prevent illegal immigrants as well as potentially dangerous individuals who may be involved in crime, drugs and/or terrorism. from entering the USA. The USA needs such protections since under Obama basically the borders of the US have been porous to all the bad guys in the world.  Let Trump be Trump and let him do what he said he would do, protect US borders!

Since the first order was challenged on legal grounds, the intent was refined by the departments of the Government in order to achieve Trump’s aims.   This has now been done.  There are a few changes in the document, notably the removal of the blanket ban on Syrian immigrants and the removal of Iraq from the list of affected Muslim countries, since the Government of Iraq has given the US sufficient assurances that it has effective screening protocols for those travelling to the USA.  This cannot be said of the other six countries (Libya, Yemen, Syria, Iran, Somalia and Sudan), all of which are either failed states and/or sources of significant terrorism.

It is accepted that every sovereign country can regulate those who enter it, and  in fact every country does do this.  The new Executive Order has some significant revisions and is less restrictive than the first, yet its overall aim is the same and “it does not provide a basis for discriminating against members of any particular religion.”   Those who dispute that must explain why the vast majority of Muslim countries are not targeted in this Order.  Also, as a former immigrant into the USA, I must say that I strongly dispute many of the assertions that have been made that Trump is against migrants.  I followed the rules, went to interviews, provided documentation, took oaths etc.  I was a legal immigrant and I resent being lumped in with illegal immigrants who cross the US border without any papers and /or who enter the US with the intent of doing harm.

In the same context, the Israeli Knesset has just passed a Bill into law that allows the Government to bar the entry into Israel of anyone who is involved in the BDS movement and/or is traveling here seeking to do harm to Israel.  In the past many anti-Israel activists have passed through Israel to get to the Palestinian territories where they have participated in violent protests against Israel.  From now on this will stop.


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