US Response to Anti-Semitic Incidents?

How is it that with all the electronic spying that the US Government is supposed to be doing on its citizens, there are no immediate arrests in the current wave of anti-Semitic attacks and phone calls in the USA?  How can it be that this has been going on for weeks, there have been hundreds of calls all over the US to Jewish Community Centers, Jewish Schools and other institutions, and two large cemeteries in Missouri and Philadelphia have been vandalized (so far) and there have been no arrests, not even a hint of an arrest.

Can it be that all this much-ballyhooed intrusion of the Government into the privacy of US citizens is so much nonsense?  Can it be that there is a highly organized gang of extreme anti-Semites, I would guess either neo-Nazi or Islamo-fascists, but that’s purely a wild guess, operating in the USA, with impunity, with no records and with no tabs being kept on them?  Is the much-vaunted FBI indeed toothless, without a clue and without a hope? Where is the Dept. of Homeland Security, even the CIA?  Why is there no arrest, no idea? Is it Johnny from down the block doing it for a prank or are these hundreds of calls throughout the country just random cases of copy-cats?  I think we’d all like to know.

Note that above I have posed many questions.  If I were Pres. Trump I would expect answers and in a hurry.  But, that doesn’t seem to be happening.  Do US Jews feel safe and secure? If there are no good answers soon, would you just forget about it and hope it will blow over?  I certainly wouldn’t accept that.  I don’t want to suggest that American Jews should be worried of a real anti-Semitic wave of killings and attacks on schools, etc.  But, it can happen there as anywhere.  Anti-Semitism didn’t die with the Holocaust, it just faded into the background for a few years.  Even in the USA with one of the lowest scores of anti-Semitism in the world it is showing its face again.  We want to know who is doing this, and we want o know now.   We want arrests.  If there aren’t any, there could be serious consequences.

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