Netanyahu in Singapore and Australia

Israeli PM Bibi Netanyahu recently visited Singapore and met with PM Lee Hsien Loong and they had a very friendly interaction.  He is now in Australia soaking up the good vibes that come from that far-away yet very friendly country. He had an excellent welcome from PM Malcolm Turnball and visited the main synagogue in Sydney.  Australia is one of the most supportive countries towards Israel.  Like Israel and the US, Australia is a country of immigrants and they have many features in common.

But, on the surface Singapore and Australia are totally different.  Singapore is very small and Australia is very large.  Singapore is densely populated and Australia is sparsely populated.  Singapore is mainly Chinese while Australia is mainly British.  What they have in common as far as Israel is concerned is that they are both strongly against Muslim immigration and both fear the Muslims.  Singapore is surrounded by Malaysia and Indonesia, while Australia has Indonesia as its northern neighbor. And many Middle Eastern Muslim immigrants seek to enter Australia, from Syria, Iraq, Libya, Afghanistan and elsewhere.

What makes Singapore and Australia friendly towards Israel is that they depend on Israeli know-how in the security and anti-terrorism area.  Singapore and Australia are excellent export markets for Israel’s thriving and advanced military and avionics systems as well as intelligence information about terrorist threats.  One reason that Netanyahu is visiting these countries now is a delayed response to the  animosity of former Pres. Obama  of the US, who basically was responsible for Israel seeking friends and markets elsewhere. Hence Bibi’s recent visit to Africa, and his current visit to friends in Asia.  As time goes by Israel will expand its ties to other countries, including Japan, S. Korea, China, Philippines, and so on.  Israel as a small, but technologically advanced and western country, has a lot to offer them.

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