Basic misconceptions

I am writing about an article I read in the Jerusalem Post, entitled “How a Pro-Palestinian American Reporter Changed his Views on Israel and the Conflict” by Hunter Stuart ( see ).  Hunter Stuart was a typical liberal American Protestant who grew up in a small New England town and regarded the Israelis as white colonialists persecuting the poor brown native Palestinians.  As an independent journalist he was challenged by a friend to go and see for himself, so he spent a year and a half in 2015 living in Jerusalem.  His experiences changed his mind completely:

  1. He thought that the Israleis would be white and carrying guns and deliberately shooting Palestinians.  Instead he found that half of Israelis were brown or black (Ethiopian) and few civilians carried guns and they were friendly and tolerant.
  2. He was surprised to discover that it was the Palestinians who were attacking the Jews, killing them in their houses, stabbing them on the street, ramming them with cars, and it was the Jews who have to be defensive.
  3. In talking to Israelis he found a wide range of opinions on how to “solve” the situation, from right-wing to left-wing.
  4. In touring the West Bank and talking to Palestinians he found that although hospitable, a large proportion of them hated Jews (he was once saved from being killed by a mob who thought he was a Jew), and they believed the US is controlled by the Jews, that the Twin Towers attack of 9/11 was organized by the Jews and that the terrorist attacks in France and Germany were organized by the Mossad.
  5. Although he told them he supported the Palestinians, the majority of them were anti-American and blamed America and the Jews for all their misfortunes, but they never blamed themselves.

All these things could be gleaned from an intelligent reading of the reality in the newspapers.  So it comes as somewaht of a a surprise to me that a liberal American Protestant could be so misguided and have so many misconceptions about the true situation here.  In addition I would make two further comments:

  1. This American reporter, like most of his kind, regard the Palestinians as native and the Jews as interlopers, but in fact it is the reverse.  The Jews were not only here from Biblical times and not only were conquered by the Arabs in 639 ce, but in 1917 the British Government issued the Balfour Declaration to establish a Jewish homeland in Palestine, and the Treaties after WWI, for example in San Remo in 1920, and the British Mandate for Palestine of 1922, gave the Jews a prima facie case in international law for having sovereignty in the Land.
  2. This conflict would have ended long ago if the Palestinians had been accepted by the Arab States, but in fact they don’t want them. The Lebanese, Syrians, Saudis, Kuwaitis and Iraqis have treated the Palestinians far worse in terms of killing and persecution than the Israeli Jews ever did.  Go and look it up and don’t be so hasty to follow the “perceived wisdom.”

This article should make good reading for all those leftist and liberal apologists for the Palestinians who have not even begun to face the reality of their rapacious corruption and their predominant anti-Semitism and anti-Americanism.



2 thoughts on “Basic misconceptions

  1. Jack, Nice piece. The misconceptions this reporter held are somewhat common in the US, and more so in Europe.  I think an underlying problem is terrible Israeli public relations. The Israeli government seems to deliberately show itself hostile to Europe and not to care what they think of it. It feels like they believe there is little they can do because of inherent anti-Semitism.  This may be true, but better PR would help their cause a bit.  Bob Block


    • Bob: Agreed Israeli PR has always been notoriously bad. Yet, Israel has limited funds and probably uses them better in defense. Also, the level of misconceptions are so wrong and so shallow that one wonders at the credulity of these people. Do they really all accept this Palestinian propaganda reflexively without any critical thinking. Best Jack


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