Berkeley Havoc

The University of California at Berkeley has a famous tradition of freedom of speech. During the Vietnam war years the campus stood for the right to express unpopular opinions against the war, that eventually became mainstream.  Last Wednesday, a pro-Trump speaker named Milo Yiannopoulos was to give a speech at the Berkeley student union. Not only was he prevented from speaking, but the demonstrations became violent and hundreds of protesters clashed with police.

The rioters, both students and apparently professional “anarchists” from off-campus, set about trashing the campus buildings and setting fires.  As the videos show the University took a “hands-off” approach, asked the police to back off and allowed the rioters to wreak havoc.  Videos show the rioters smashing plate-glass windows with pick axes and metal barriers. Estimates range from an active core of 150 to 400 violent hooligans, dressed for the job, with black helmets and masks and body armor. This kind of violent prevention of freedom of speech must be stopped.  So much for the tradition of Berkeley for freedom of speech, but only for the left.

Pres. Trump issued a threat to strip the school of its Federal funding for not making sure that there was sufficient security for the speech to go ahead.  It is not clear how he can do this, since so much of this funding comes in competitive grants and projects.  But, there is no doubt that this threat should be a wake-up call for all those unviersity and college administrations that have stood by and done nothing while speakers unpopulat with the radical left have been prevented from speaking and have been threatened.  This certainly includes pro-Israel speakers, whose lives have been put in danger while university administrations have done nothing for fear of becoming the object of the anger of the professional radical left.


One thought on “Berkeley Havoc

  1. Jack,

    According to reports from victims of the violence, the demonstrators did not “clash with the police.” On the contrary, the police locked themselves in a building, and would not come out to help the people being beaten by the demonstrators. Nor would the police allow the victims to escape into the building. You can listen to a interview at

    or another interview

    The latter interview is with a women who was blinded by pepper spray, suffered a concussion, while her husband was beaten so severely he was hospitalized with kidney damage. Only one arrest.

    One rioter who bragged about the injury he inflicted was identified as Ian Miller who works for the university.

    Finally UCB professor Robert Reich, a professor earning well over $200k to teach one class, suggests Milo was behind the demonstration!

    Will Miller get arrested for felony assault? We shall see. Reich, who is Jewish, is unfortunately typical of American secular and Reform Jews who tend to side with the left.

    I hope this provides you with more perspective,


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