Not a Muslim Ban!

How many Muslim countries are there in the world?  The answer is 57 (!) that is the membership of the Organization of Islamic Cooperation.  Pres. Trump issued an Executive order temporarily curtailing immigration from 7 of them (Iraq, Syria, Yemen, Libya and Iran), all of whom are engaged in war and are a source of significant terrorism, including the Islamic State (in Syria and Iraq), that is threatening the US Homeland as well as other Western countries. The fact that the perpetrators of the attacks in Paris and Berlin entered the EU as refugees and avoided all checks is proof that the West is currently unable to do anything against determined and trained terrorists.  I support Trump’s move as a first step in reversing that situation.

In fact this is a temporary ban of 90 days, in order to allow the Department of Homeland Security to organize a serious and effective extreme vetting process that will try to prevent the immigration of potential terrorists.  Under existing liberal immigration policies, even people suspected of terrorist activities are required to be released into the US community and are supposed to report back (I am not kidding) when their hearing comes up, because there is simply not enough room to hold them and not enough judges to hear their cases immediately.  It is estimated that there are ca. 10,000 potentially dangerous and unchecked Muslim men loose within the USA.  As far as I know nothing is being done to follow or capture them, except unless they become the subjects of active FBI investigations into criminal and/or terrorist acts, and by then it’s usually too late.

The left is having a field day with this so-called ban, calling it a “Muslim ban” which it is not, or a “religious ban” which it is not, it is in fact an anti-terrorism ban.  And what is most ridiculous, many Jewish organizations, who would be the target of any Islamic terrorists who entered the US, are against this ban,.  Why? Because they or their families were once refugees.  This is not about refugees, this is about terrorism!  Also, it is easy to find worthy individuals who are negatively affected by this ban, but that is always the case. Such a policy must not be judged by the individual, it must be judged according to the requirements of national security. Note also that Israelis are not allowed to enter many Arab and Muslim countries, but no-one demonstrates about this.   All American Jews should feel safer once the final policy is arrived at.  Until then stop the stupid and irresponsible demonstrating and carping!


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