Whither Britain?

British PM Theresa May was the first foreign leader that Pres. Trump met in the White House.  This is not surprising given the “special relationship” that has existed between the US and Britain.  However, Britain has been schizophrenic for many years, with one face facing east towards Europe and the other facing west towards the US.  Since the UK joined the EU in 1973 one might conclude that the UK-US relationship has cooled.  But, now that the UK is in the process of getting ready for Brexit, the British exit from the EU, this relationship can be renewed.  And the time is ripe, since Pres. Trump is amenable to bilateral relations, and that is precisely what Britain needs at this time.  Particularly a renewed trade relationship with the US to help it over the difficult time after Brexit.

But, Britain has its own internal problems.  If Brexit goes ahead this will cause significant internal schisms, since Scotland wants to stay within the EU and so does the Republic of Ireland (Eire).  So the Scottish may have a referendum on leaving the United Kingdom, that would cause significant disruption, and the situation in Ireland would become very complex with Eire in the EU but Northern Ireland, that is part of the UK, out of it.  So the Irish internal border would become an international border again.

PM May is currently visiting Turkey, and the ridiculous situation is that Turkey is still an applicant to join the EU, to be accepted as a European country (which it is not) while Britain is applying to leave the EU.  Yet the UK supports Turkey’s application.  Perhaps May will advise Erdogan to give up the Turkish application since the EU is now a losing proposition.  How the EU will survive after Britain exists is unclear, with the economic drag of Greece, not to mention Italy, Spain, Portugal and France, the EU will increasingly become a German-dominated Empire.  Back to square one?


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