Taking Advantage

Both sides have taken advantage of the current fluid situation as Obama exits left and Trump enters right. Obama, in the last hour or so of his term, donated m$210 to the Palestine Authority.  What a waste of money, most of it goes into the accounts of the Palestinian elite; while Syrian refugees are starving in Aleppo and Europe, the Palestinians get preferential treatment.  It was another case of Obama showing his true colors, after his disastrous US abstention on Resolution 2443 at the UN SC.  We hope that Pres. Trump will rescind such liberal guilt payments to the Palestinains and let them survive on their own like all other groups in the world. (Note that the US aid given to Israel is purely for military defense and has to be spent in the US).

Meanwhile Israel announced its intention to build 2,500 housing units inside West Bank settlements.  Note these are not new settlements and they are what Defense Minister Avigdor Lieberman called “returning to normal life in Judea and Samaria.”  In other words, these are the units that would have been built were it not for the constant anti-Israel policies of the Obama Administration and the US State Department.  The removal of Obama (and Clinton) and the investment of Trump has allowed this change to occur.

Another example of taking advantage was the Women’s March  on Washington to protest Pres. Trump’s election.  The problem with liberals is that they simply can’t accept that they are not right.  But, in this case one the main organizers of the March was Linda Sarsour, Head of the Arab American Association of New York, and a Pro-Palestinian activist.  She of course took advantage of the situation to link the causes of liberal anti-Trump activism, with the supposed human rights cause of the poor downtrodden Palestinians, who happen to be the perpetrators using terrorism agasint Israeli civilians. You might have noticed the ubiquitous Palestinian flags during this demonstration, not unexpected.

Meanwhile Pres. Abbas of the PA met with the Consul-General of the US Consulate in Jerusalem, and supposedly they did not discuss Trump.  But, I hope it was for them to say goodbye to each other.  But, the press reported that Abbas affirmed his “complete commitment to peace …and the strengthening of bilateral relations..”  Might as well, until the reality of Trump’s Middle East policies go into effect.


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