The Paris Non-conference

Suppose they gave a wedding without the groom.   That would be the Paris so-called Middle-East Peace Conference, which excluded Israel.  The Palestinians were there on the sidelines to urge the Conference to adopt a one-sided anti-Israel resolution that regards not only the West Bank, but also East Jerusalem and the Western Wall, a Holy Jewish site, as “Palestinian territory.”   It was not and never has been and having a conference decide that it was does not change the facts.

This conference is a result of the pro-Palestinian bias of socialist President Hollande of France following on the UN Security Council Resolution 2443, and further trying to push his and Obama’s agenda. They are both lame ducks at the very end of their terms, but they are determined to do as much damage to Israel before they are out of office as they can.

Can you imagine 70 countries in the world (including Arab and Muslim countries) sending delegates to this non-conference, what a waste of time and money.  While Syria is still engaged in a desperate civil war with hundreds of thousands dead, Iraq torn by a war over its second city Mosul and the rest of the Arab world in a total mess.  Yet this is the time they choose, right before the world changes due to the inception of the Trump presidency and a new French Government (Hollande is extremely unpopular) to have a so-called peace conference.  It is noteworthy that Pres. elect Trump let it be known that he does not appreciate this so-called peace conference being held immediately before his inauguration.  Also British PM May only sent an observer adn criticized the conference as inappropriate at this time.

It is no more than another attempt to force Israel to make concessions to the Palestinians, without any compromise from them.  This will not bring peace, on the contrary, Israel will never accept these dictates and the Palestinians will accept nothing less and so there is more likely to be a war.  Whatever happened to direct bilateral negotiations which were the centerpiece of all previous attempts to achieve peace.  If it’s out of the window then Israel should also take unilateral action!

I refer now to a recent important ruling in a French court “The PA brought suit in France against French companies building the light rail system in Jerusalem. The PA lost in a decision that ruled that Israel is the legal occupant of Judea and Samaria.”  This has hardly been noted in the biased liberal media.  Note that the Jerusalem light rail extends into what has been called the West Bank, Judea and Samaria.  According to French lawyer Jean Patrick Grumberg of the French blog Dreuz in an article by Jerry Gordon:

The Court explains that the Palestinian Authority misinterprets the texts and they do not apply to the occupation:
• First of all, all the international instruments put forward by the PLO are acts signed between States, and the obligations or prohibitions contained therein are relevant to States. Neither the Palestinian Authority nor the PLO are States, therefore, none of these legal documents apply.  • Secondly, said the Court, these texts are binding only on those who signed them, namely the « contracting parties ». But neither the PLO nor the Palestinian Authority have ever signed these texts.
The Court, quite irritated by the presented arguments, boldly asserted that the law ” cannot be based solely on the PLO’s assessment of a political or social situation.”

That in a nutshell is what we have been arguing for a long time.  There is no such thing as “Palestinian Land,” it is a fiction, a political statement with no legal basis.  Israel is the sole legal sovereign of these lands, as this French Appeals Court meeting in Versailles affirmed.


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