The Nature of Man

Consider the thesis: “Man is a domesticated animal.”  Of course, most women would agree with this, with the proviso that the word “partially” is inserted before “domesticated.”  But, the fact is that man is an animal and has definite needs, sex and success among them, and has drives that need to be satisfied, that lead to aggression and often violence.

I love to watch nature films, things like “Planet Earth” with Richard Attenborough.  Years ago these films showed the beauty and the peacefulness of the animal kingdom.  But, recently the focus has changed, and on the National Geographic channel you can see the premier predators, lions and tigers and bears (Oh, My!) chasing and catching their prey, cute little deer, and tearing them apart while still alive in vivid color.  We were taught that animals don’t kill each other as humans do, except when they need to, but this is not true. Lions, hyenas and cheetahs kill each other whenever possible, presumably to remove the competition for prey, and they also kill cubs of their own species that are not their own. I’ve seen a band of chimpanzees raid another group and kill their babies and eat them. Everyone can see that in the animal world competition for resources (food, domain, females) results in “the survival of the fittest” as Darwin realized over 150 years ago.  So it is also in the human world. Killing the enemy is a requirement for conquering land and holding it.

Now we have laws of war that are supposed to prevent wholesale slaughter and genocide, as were practised by the Turks against the Armenians in WWI and the Germans and their henchmen of many nationalities against the Jews in WWII, and the Hutus against the Tutsis in Rwanda and the Serbs against the Bosnians in the Balkans and. the Islamic State against the Yazidis and Christians in the Middle East, and so it goes.  Civilization is supposed to have curbed or at least reduced these kind of massacres, but evidently it has not.  In order to prevent the bad men from taking over, good people must adopt some of their methods.

I am reminded of this by a TV series I have been watching entitled “Narcos” which is about Pablo Escobar and the Medellin Drug Cartel, that murdered thousands of people without compunction and held a country, Columbia, hostage.  Killing policemen, politicians, ordinary citizens, blowing up an airliner and killing 130 people in order to kill one, this was routine for them.  And it all came about because about 20% of Americans are addicted to the drug cocaine (or heroin) and are paying enormous amounts to satisfy their habits, and this money is then pouring into poor countries like Colombia and Mexico (see for example the movie “Sicario“) and causing a reign of terror.

In order to catch Escobar and his gang, it was necessary that the forces of law and order use all necessary means, including killing them.  Expediency requires it.  An example is Pres. Duterte in the Philippines, who has declared war on the drug dealers who are destroying his country.  So it is with Israel, in order to survive the  continual onslaught of the terrorists that seek to kill us and take our land, we must adopt their methods.  Shoot to kill. But, now that is also being realized by the rest of the world.  When a man can drive a truck into a crowd to deliberately kill as many people as possible in Nice, France, and Berlin, Germany, and shoot up people in a night club in Orlando Florida, or Istanbul, Turkey, something extreme must be done to stop this carnage.  Man is only a partially domesticated animal.


One thought on “The Nature of Man

  1. I watched Narcos a year ago (on Netflix) and found it gripping, brilliant acting. Have you seen the new season that came out this year?


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