Ramming Attack in Jerusalem

After murderous IS-inspired truck ramming attacks in Nice and Berlin, yesterday there was one in Jerusalem. IDF soldiers were getting off a bus and were rammed by a truck driven by a Palestinian Arab. Four soldiers were killed, including three girls, and about 17 were seriously injured.  The truck driver was shot dead.  He was known to the police but had not apparently been active in recent years.  He is believed to have been a supporter of IS, the Islamic State.

More has to be done to protect our soldiers and our citizens.  Palestinians should not be allowed to drive trucks in Jerusalem.  The area where the driver came from, Jebel Mukaber, has been cordoned off.  Concrete and/or metal barriers must be erected wherever crowds collect, at movie theaters, concert halls, malls, bus stops and drop off points.  We must learn to think like them, what would be possible attack points, and then take precautions to prevent such attacks.

To those who mistakenly believe that Israel is an “apartheid state” (utter nonsense) or that Israel “occupies Palestinian Land”, I say face the truth, it is they who are attacking and killing us, not the reverse.  And we must defend ourselves by all means possible, and that includes rooting out the terrorists that will try to kill us, and will try to kill you in your countries.  There was a simultaneous bombing in Egypt carried out by IS extremists that killed 8 policemen.  Such is the continuing toll.   Perhaps there was a less “neutral” response from the rest of the world this time, since they usually call for “restraint” from both sides, when the terrorism is one-sided.  This time there was no such response, perhaps they are finally getting it.



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