Contradiction in Obama’s Policy

Pres. Obama has placed much emphasis on supporting democracy around the world.  In pursuit of this he notably supported the democratic election of Pres. Morsi of Egypt, even though Morsi was the candidate of the Muslim Brotherhood, which is virulently anti-American and anti-democratic.  In doing so he affronted Pres. Sisi of Egypt and in effect lost valuable influence in the Middle East. Pres. Obama has also emphasized his opposition of the occupation of Crimea by Russia, even though the local people identify with Russia and voted to join it.

But, when is comes to Israel, Obama loses sight of his democratic vision.  Israel is the only true democracy in the Middle East.  All its citizens, including the Israeli Arabs who constitute 20% of the population, vote in elections and are treated equally to all other citizens.  In fact, Israel is a stable democracy having changed governments every election cycle since its foundation with no internal violence (the assassination of Pres. Rabin was not related to voting, just as that of Pres. Kennedy was not in the US).  Yet, instead of supporting democratic Israel, out of a misplaced pro-Muslim liberal sentiment, Obama has supported the fascist, authoritarian Palestinians, who both in Hamas-dominated Gaza and Fatah-dominated PA, support the use of violence and terrorism to destroy Israel. How democratic is that?

And this self-righteous liberal tells Israel that the US has our “back” and that he knows what is better for us than we know ourselves.  We should give up settlements (that he incorrectly proclaims are “illegal”) in order to allow the formation of a Palestinian State, that would be a magnet for terrorists, attracting all the multiple Muslim terrorist organizations in the world, including IS, and Israel is supposed to accept this?  How democratic is that?  Israel will no more accept the imposition of a Palestine State from outside sources, such as the UN, than the US will agree to give back all the land it stole from the Indians.

But, there is an even darker truth to the current situation; when your foreign policy agenda has failed (in Syria, Iraq, Iran, Ukraine, Europe), when you cannot point to a single victory in opposing terrorism and authoritarianism around the world, what do you do?  You turn on Israel, the only Jewish State in the world, and you try to bully it into making concessions to the Palestinians so that you can proclaim your success in making peace in the Middle East.  And if Israel will not accept your terms, if you cannot in fact make peace there, at least you can proclaim to the world that it’s not your fault, its Israel’s fault, they are too right-wing, they are too stiff-necked, they are not peace-loving.  The tendency to do this at the end of the second term by a lame-duck President is too great for a sincere liberal.  Pres. Carter did this (and continued to do so), Pres. Bill Clinton did this, and Pres. Obama could not resist the temptation either.  If this scapegoating of Israel isn’t anti-Semitism, what is?  Another example of “liberal fascism.”   Thank God or the American people that we won’t have a continuation of this travesty with Hillary.




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