Disproportionate force?

The Syrian military aided by the Russians and Iranians as well as Hizbullah terrorists have been pummeling the city of Aleppo into rubble.  But, no one mentioned “disproportionate force.”  I have no sympathy for the Islamist terrorist enemies of this pro-Assad coalition, but the number of civilians killed in Aleppo is indeterminate, they are buried under countless destroyed and collapsed buildings.  Yet, I did not hear one criticism of “disproportionate force” against this pro-Assad coalition as was flung at Israel in the much, much less destructive assault on Gaza in 2014.  Why is that?  Think about it.

Another case, the Iraqi Army is battling for Mosul, supported by Pesh Merga Kurdish forces with US support.  They are desperately trying to kill as many Islamic State fighters as they can.  In the process, although tens of thousands of civilians have managed to escape Mosul, hundreds of thousands more are trapped there.  Yet, I don’t hear one single media outlet calling on the Iraqi forces not to use disproportionate force.  The reason is quite clear, the term “disproportionate force” is a liberal media invention used only against the Jewish State in order to harm its image and protect the poor Palestinians from legitimate military reaction.

I heard a US General in a TV interview and he was asked about this, why don’t the media accuse these forces of the use of “disproportionate force”?  He stated quite clearly “every military leader in history has tried to use as much force as possible to win on the battlefield.”  The term “disproportionate force” is a term invented by people with no military expertise, who are usually human rights activists or liberal media, in order to criticize Israel’s reaction to Palestinian attacks. So let’s not hear this stupid term “disproportionate force” ever again, Israel reacts with necessary force as any democracy would that is being attacked by terrorists (period).



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