Lame Duck’s Swan Song

In his speech last night lame duck US Secty John Kerry tried hard to persuade us that he is a sincere and strong supporter of Israel. Then came the “But…”  From the outset he made two fundamental mistakes.

  • First he showed that he is neutral between the two sides, but they are not equal. Israel is a sovereign state and a US ally, while the Palestinians are a violent, intransigent anti-American gang. Instead of giving a speech about how he is going to resolve the tragedy of Syria, where the US has lost all influence to Russia, the lame duck US Secty. of State used his swan song speech before leaving office to justify his and Obama’s fundamental opposition to Jewish settlement in the Holy Land.  Why? Because it might disrupt the “two-state solution.”  But, there is no two-state solution because the Arabs have definitively rejected it.  Ask Hamas, ask Fatah, ask Abbas, in fact ask any Palestinian, “are you willing to recognize Israel and live side-by-side in peace?” and the answer (90% of the time) will be a resounding “no.”  So let’s be realistic, this speech was nothing more than an attempt to justify deserting Israel and taking the Palestinian side in the UN Security Council vote and in giving this speech he dug himself deeper.  How dishonest, what moral relativism, what shallow liberal self-deception.
  • Second, he stated categorically that there is “no viable alternative” to the Israel-Palestinian conflict than the hallowed “two-state solution.”  But, evidently there is, the Palestinians favor a one-state solution named Palestine, and more and more  Israelis have come to believe that the only way to resolve the situation is a one-state Israeli solution.  That is why opinion in Israel has swung to the right and why PM Netanyahu and a right-wing government has been elected here.

Now we hope for a partner in the US, namely Pres Trump.  He sees the situation for what it is, an important US ally is being attacked and hounded by anti-Western forces on the ground and at the UN.  Let’s hope he responds resoundinglyin the opposite way to Obama/Kerry. There will be no Obama legacy in this area.

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