UN Anti-Semitism

The UN Security Council has not passed a significant anti-Israel resolution for at least 40 years, and this is because of the US veto.  But, in fact the last time the US veto was used was 2011. Make no mistake, this abstention by the Obama Administration on Resolution 2334 against Israeli settlements is based on political animus towards Israel and not on any real desire for peace.

US Ambassador Samantha Powers invoked the opposition of previous US Presidents of both parties to Israeli/Jewish settlements on the West Bank.  But, all those Presidents also supported direct bilateral negotiations between Israelis and Palestinian Arabs, and opposed an imposed solution decided by the overwhelmingly pro-Palestinian UN.  By crossing this line the US stabbed its ally Israel in the back, and by voting with such stalwarts as Venezuela, Malaysia, Senegal, and yes, New Zealand, Pres. Obama expressed his fundamental enmity to the Jewish State.  By abrogating this basic principle of fairness, this leaves Israel now to take whatever action it needs to in order to protect its own interests (the gist of this was published as a letter to the editor of The Jerusalem Post on 26/12/16).

Here is some analysis of the positions taken by the proponents of the Resolution:

  • Israel as the sole sovereign successor of the British Mandate and based on international treaties after WWI, such as the San Remo Treaty of 1920 that divided up the Turkish Empire, Israel has every legal right to construct settlements on the so-called West Bank.  It is merely propaganda and opinion, not a legal judgement, that such settlements are “illegal” or an impediment to peace.
  • Calling the West Bank “Palestinian Land” is factually incorrect.  Some parts of it are included in the Palestine Authority by agreement with Israel under the Oslo Accords, but the whole of this area is not “Palestinian Land,” any more than areas of the US are “Black Land,” just because Blacks live there.  There has never been Arab or Palestinian Arab sovereignty over this area.  Before Israel and before the British Mandate it was previously Turkish.
  • There is no equivalent UN Security Council Resolution against any other country in the world, including Russia that occupies Chechnya and may other areas, China that occupies Tibet, Turkey that occupies Northern Cyprus, New Zealand that stole the land of the Maoris, and the US that stole the land of the indigenous inhabitants mistakenly called ‘Indians.”  Therefore this Resolution can be labelled anti-Semitic. When they all give their lands back then maybe Israel might consider doing the same.

As PM Netanyahu has pointed out, the UN is pro-Palestinian and is certainly not neutral on this issue.  For example:

  • The UN Relief and Welfare Agency (UNRWA), an innocuous sounding name, but this UN agency  was established to support the Palestinian refugees, separate from all other refugees in the world that are supported by the UN High Commission for Refugees.(UNHCR).  UNRWA adopted its own definition of refugees different from that of international law used by UNHCR that defines a refugee as one leaving their homeland, not the UNRWA definition that includes all descendents of those refugees.  Because of this invidious definition the number of Palestinian “refugees” has swollen to supposedly over 5 million, while the number of refugee in all other cases in the world have shrunk.  In all other refugee situations, the refugees are required to apply for asylum in the country they first enter, but that does not apply to the Palestinians. Further, the US pays ca. 25% of the funds of UNRWA, thus helping to perpetuate the Palestinian refugee issue and the conflict.
  • The Committee for the Inalienable Rights of the Palestinians (CIRP), is the only such Committee in the UN.  There is no Committee for the Inalienable Rights of the Chechens in Russia, or the Maoris in New Zealand, or the First Peoples in Canada, or the American Indians in the USA, or the Tibetans in China, or the Cypriots in Turkey – nor heaven forbid of the Jews in Israel – no, from throughout the world only for the Palestinians, who aren’t even a separate people, with no separate history, language, religion, only the fact that they are fighting the Jews.  If this isn’t anti-Semitism what is?

The ultimate result of this Resolution 2334 will only be to undermine the so-called “two-state solution.”  We hope that Pres. Elect Trump will soon restore the friendly relations that should exist between the USA and Israel, and make fundamental changes to the US support for the Palestinians (such as defunding UNRWA) and the UN itself.


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