More Terrorism

The assassination of Russian Ambassador Karlov in an Ankara art gallery shows that all actions have consequences.  The Russian complicity in the bombing of Aleppo that has killed thousands of Syrian civilians was the ostensible reason for the shooter to take this action.  The fact that he was an off-duty Turkish policeman complicates the issue, but the IS has claimed credit.  It was also a move to disrupt good relations between the two traditional enemies Turkey and Russia.  But, this time, unlike the shooting down of the Russian fighter that occurred a few months ago, Pres. Putin has accepted immediately that this was not a Turkish Government sponsored attack and relations between Turkey and Russia have remained cordial.  In fact, Turkey has now joined with Russia and Iran in a peace conference in Moscow over Syria that may help resolve the Syrian conflict.  Notably absent from these deliberations is the USA.

Another major terrorist incident took place in Berlin when a man deliberately drove a truck into a crowd at a Christmas market adjacent to the central Friedrich Church.  Twelve people were killed and 50 injured.  One of the dead was an Israel woman and her husband was injured. This attack brought a strong condemnation from Chancellor Merkel; as well as stiffer security measures around Germany.  Apparently the wrong man was first arrested suspected of being the driver of the truck but he was released.  The perpetrator was a Tunisian man Anis Amri who entered Germany a year ago as part of the massive influx of refugees, but he was denied asylum and had not yet been deported.  One might ask why not, since he was known to the security services and has used several pseudonyms and false ids.  They just don’t get it, this is serious stuff, people are being killed, yet the European security services are still pretending.

They could at least surround all public places where crowds gather with concrete blocks to stop trucks being driven in and have trucks parked across all road entrances, as they do in Israel.  If a man is suspected of terrorist connections he should be detained, if he is denied asylum he should be deported immediately.  Only by taking resolute action can the toll of deaths due to terrorism be reduced. .Finally three days later the terrorist was shot dead by Italian police near Milan.  One must question how under the highest security he was able to travel from Germany to Belgium and through France to Italy.  With such incompetence, visiting Germany is not advisable.




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