The Russian Connection

Donald Trump won the US election fair and square.  All this fuss about the Russians affecting the election outcome because they supposedly hacked into the Clinton and the DNC e-mails is nonsense.

Everybody with any sense who would look at the evidence without sentimentality and bias knew long ago that Hillary Clinton was a criminal. Millions of people decided long ago that a US Secty of State who ignored stringent security laws and put US security and operatives in grave danger, whose chief aide was a former Muslim Brotherhood supporter whose husband was a promiscuous Congressman, smelt the odor of corruption long ago. Nothing any Russians did or could do would have changed that.

To suggest that FBI Director Comey was somehow complicit in sabotaging Hillary’s election is also nonsense, particularly after he decided against charging her, when it wasn’t even his positon to make such a decision.  Yes, it seemed that the election was all sown up by the powers that be, but in fact democracy worked and the people chose to change their government without violence.

The major difference between Clinton and Trump was that Hillary like a good liberal told people what they needed, while Trump told people that he would do what they wanted – reduce taxes, increase jobs, stop illegal immigration and make America great again.  No more apologizing and excusing the fact that America is powerful, no more taking a back seat and letting the rest of the world lead.


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