A New Approach

For the past 50 years there has been a fictional “peace process” in the Middle East between Israel and its Arab adversaries based on the concept of a “two-state solution.”  Yet there has been no improvement in the situation. There is no sign whatsoever that this approach, from what used to be called “land for peace” based on UN Security Council Resolution 242 of 1967, to George W. Bush’s Road Map for Peace of 2002, to Pres. Obama’s slant towards the Palestinians, is ever going to produce any positive results whatsoever.

Actually the situation has worsened, with the Palestine Authority that was set up under the Oslo Accords doing everything it can to undermine and destroy Israel, first using terrorism and now using international agencies such as the UN to delegitimize and defeat Israel.   And Gaza that is now under the Hamas terrorist regime firing rockets into Israel whenever it feels like it and preparing for the next war.

What is needed is a major change in strategy, a move away from this “two-state solution,” that is the PC term loved by all liberals and leftists, to a more pragmatic solution.  Such a potential solution that might be considered by the incoming Trump Administration might be instead of exerting pressure on Israel to make unilateral concessions to the Palestinians, do the opposite, put pressure on the Palestinians to make concessions to Israel.  Note that not only are the Palestinians the weaker party, but they are anti-American, they supported Saddam Hussein in Iraq, Qaddafi in Libya and Hamas is allied to Iran.  Such a change in strategy might result in a one-state solution, in which Israel annexes the West Bank (Judah and Samaria) and the Palestinians for their eternal intransigence and enmity get what they deserve – nothing.

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