Aleppo falls, Mosul resists

In what can be seen as two defeats for the West, the whole of Aleppo has now fallen into the hands of the Assad-Hezbollah-Iranian-Russian alliance.  And in Mosul the Islamic State still resists the onslaught of the Iraqi Army, Shia militias and Kurdish Pesh Merga.

This is a great victory for Assad after five years of civil war in Syria, that his Syrian Army with his allies have been able to take back the second largest city in Syria, albeit a totally ruined city.  Nevertheless, he still controls only ca. 25% of the country and it is unlikely that he will ever be able to regain control of the rest.  To all intents, Syria no longer exists as a coherent country.  The rest of the country is divided between the Islamic State, the al Qaeda affiliate Jabhat Fatah al Sham, the democratic opposition of the Free Syrian Army and the Kurds in their northern entity of Rojava.

The elite commando forces of the Iraqi Army apparently spearheaded the campaign against Mosul from the south.  They entered the city and made headway, but were forced to retreat by fierce IS resistance.  It is estimated that there are now no more than 4,000 IS fighters in the city, but they are suicidal. Now there is a temporary stalemate. The US has committed more special forces units to the campaign, seeing that the Iraqi Army has faltered.  Although apparently the Kurdish Pesh Merga forces are still making progress from the north and west.

Syrian and Hezbollah flags now fly over Aleppo.  Many civilians have died in the assault, but international humanitarian agencies cannot help them.  There is no water, food or medical supplies in eastern Aleppo.  When the Western representatives, such as Samantha Powers, the US UN representative, calls on the Russians to show restraint and shame for their actions, you know the West is in trouble.  Since when could we depend on the humanitarian impulses of dictators such as Putin and Assad.  If there are extensive civilian casualties in Aleppo it is partly the fault of the cowardly policies of the Obama Administration.



2 thoughts on “Aleppo falls, Mosul resists

  1. Dear Jack:
    In a lesson that the Washington Redskins football team seems to be inconveniently incapable of learning, one must keep one’s own house in order before one seeks to push their brand out to the rest of the world. (n.b., Whatever football fan existed in me long ago started rooting for my hometown New Eng. Patriots…)

    The US quite obviously has enough pertinent issues to work on here at home, before we waste precious, limited resources fighting battles elsewhere that are not our’s, let alone our’s to win.

    Tangentially, I reject the idea that Syria’s win or loss is a U.S. loss or win. Will our participation in the Syrian Civil War do anything to help the gun violence problem in America? I think not. Will American participation in numerous foreign escapades do anything to solve the problems that enticed roughly half of the populace to vote for a xenophobic, bigoted admitted-rapist, and/or pathological liar? I doubt it.

    Let’s fix the problems here in the US before we go “fixing” the perceived problems elsewhere.


    • P.S. Be careful how you support the incoming President… His ilk will turn on you on a dime (with nine-cents’ change!!) and sell you down the river if it suits his purposes…
      With friends like him —


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