Males only

I will be the first to admit that my thought processes are strange, sometimes even weird. So I was thinking the other day about my favorite sport – snooker.  And it occured to me that the wooden cue that the players use is very, well..phallic.  I don’t know if anyone has pointed this out before, but it definitely is a male game.  Then of course there’s hockey, especially ice hockey, which is the most violent game where the combatants use their hockey sticks in ways that are criminal.  And I got to thinking, in what other ways do men use objects like cues and sticks to emphasize their masculinity.  And then I connected this to “penis gourds,” well I mean its a natural jump to connect the two, right.  OK, what are penis gourds?

They are gourds that grow long and thin that certain tribes of natives of New Guinea wear to keep their penises permanently erect.  Wearing a penis sheath there is considered socially appropriate and a sign of masculinity.  You can see examples here: .   It makes one think how different societies have evolved and that some, that we might consider primitive, are nevertheless quite sophisticated.  Can you imagine if in Victorian society the men had worn penile sheaths, it would have made them a lot less stuffy.

I was also speculating on how language can change because of the introduction of new devices, such as electronic media.  For example, the word emotion can now be used as e-motion, meaning the movement of a robot.  Or e-mit would mean an electronic baseball mitt, or e-radicate could mean getting rid of Islamic radicals using electronic methods. E-lute would be an electronic string instrument, and e-mote would be a bit of electronic dust.  But my favorite is e-masculate, being castrated by a female robot.


3 thoughts on “Males only

  1. You definitely delight me with your thought processes, your ideas, your vocabulary.
    God bless weird men like you. They are a rarity.


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