Turning Left

When the left is defeated, what does it do, it turns further left, as if that will help it.  For example, when Labour leader Ed Milliband was defeated by Conservative leader David Cameron in the last general election in the UK, he resigned and the Labour Party chose an even further leftist leader Jeremy Corbyn to replace him.  Corbyn has almost no chance of ever being elected.  Whatever happened to New Labour and the Blair revolution?  And when Corbyn was rejected by the Labour MPs, who know the reality of the situation, what happened?  The Labour Party as a whole re-elected Corbyn.  This is equivalent to self-induced suicide. Corbyn not only has no charisma and no leadership qualities, but is so far to the left that he called Hamas and Hizbollah, two recognized terrorist organizations, his friends. I am not upset by this move, it is so self-defeating that it essentially rules out any Labout Party involvement in government for another political generation.

Similarly in the US.  When Hillary Clinton was unexpectedly defeated, for being an arrogant, unsympathetic, criminal candidate, what happens.  The Democratic National Committee is holding elections for a new Chairman and who is considered the leading candidate, Keith Ellison!  He is one of only two Muslims in Congress and has far-left views and has twice aligned himself with Muslim Brotherhood positions.  Similarly the leader of the left-wing of the Democratic Party Bernie Sanders is now more prominent than ever, mainly because he opposed Hillary and since she lost he can claim that the Dems might have won if he had been selected as their candidate.

In both the US and UK the moves of the left opposition to the far left as a defensive reaction to their losses will only ensure further defeat.  Instead they should be moving towards the center, but they lack the intelligence to do so.  One example of the failure of socialism is Venezuela, that has oil and should be wealthy but is now bankrupt due to the mismanagement by the socialists Chavez and Madura.  Next door is Chile, that has seen a huge GDP improvement of 250% since the overthrow of the socialist Allende. The facts are there, staring everyone in the face, socialism does not work but the free market and competition does.


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