Suicide Bombings

There have been multiple suicide bombings throughout the Middle East, so much so that we rarely notice them anymore. Twenty killed here, thirty killed there, in Iraq, Syria and Afghanistan.  But, two recent suicide bombings in Turkey and Egypt have attracted more attention. And last Friday, 57 were killed in a double suicide bombing in a Nigerian market. Reports said 120 of the 177 injured were children. There were no claims of responsibility for the attack in the northern Nigerian town of Madagali but officials blame Boko Haram.

The bombing in Egypt used a large amount of explosive in a vehicle outside the Christian Cathedral in Cairo.  This was targeted against the Coptic minority that constitute 10% of the Egyptian population. 25 people were killed and there was  extensive damage to the Cathedral building.  The armed wing of the Muslim Brotherhood claimed credit. This is another in a long series of bloody attacks against the Copts.  Why?  Because they are Christians.  The Muslim extremists do not tolerate the existence of Christians (or Jews or others) in their midst.  There is no question of tolerance or of human rights,they are infidels and they must die.  This is the basic policy of the Muslim Brotherhood.

Egyptian President Pres. Al-Sisi declared three days of mourning, so the Government is squarely on the side of the Copts against the Muslim extremists.  This is a good sign.  What a pity that Pres. Obama chose to side with Pres. Morsi and the Muslim Brotherhood and thereby lose all influence in Egypt with the current legal Government, a policy that the incoming Trump Administration can reverse.

In Turkey, 38 people were killed, most of them police cadets, in a bus that was blown up by an adjacent car a suicide attack outside a stadium in Istabul after a game.   The Turkish authorities attributed this attacks to the PKK, the Kurdish worker’s party, although I don’t think we definitively know the source.  This current wave of attacks follows years of conflict between the Turkish Government and the Kurds, as well as recent Turkish attacks against the Islamic State forces and Kurdish forces in Syria and Iraq.

PM Netanyahu expressed Israel’s sympathy for the victims of the attacks in Turkey, but pointed out that the Turkish President never expresses sympathy for the loss of Israeli victims of terrorism, because he is sympathetic to the terrorists (usually Hamas or Fatah). He further expressed the opinion that terrorism cannot be divided, either you are for it or agaisnt it, you cannot have it both ways.

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