American Jews and Trump

The stupidity of liberal American Jews beggars belief.  Why are liberal Jewish organizations like the AJC supporting the appointment of Congressman Keith Ellison for the position of Democratic National Committee Chairman?  Ellison is only one of two Muslims in the Congress?  Why on earth would a  Jewish organization support a Muslim for that position, why don’t they support a Jew, or anyone but a Muslim.  Don’t they know that all Muslims, even those that are peace-loving and pro-democratic, are against Israel and Jewish interests.  It is a typical self-negating Jewish action, borne out of the condition of ingrained minority status, an example of the “Oslo Syndrome”.  Certainly Ellison is not a terribly bad man, but why oh why do they need to support him.

As usual ca. 70% of Jews voted for the Democratic candidate, whatever her moral status and despite the fact that her closest aide is Huma Abedin, who was a journalist for a Muslim Brotherhood newspaper in Egypt that was owned by her parents.  I did not choose Trump,. but I certainly could not vote for Hillary, and she should be in jail.  This fixation of Jews with the liberal side is a left-over, probably psychological, from the European diaspora, when Jews were mistreated and murdered by ultra-nationalists (Fascists and Nazis).  But that doesn’t exist within the American system,excluding a small coterie of KKK and white power extremists.  To identify them with President-elect Trump because some of them support him is ridiculous.

The fact is that now that Clinton has lost, the Democratic Party is expected to move more to the left, under the influence of Bernie Sanders and his supporters.  They already have reduced support for Israel in the Party and this will certainly get worse. The joke about Jews in the American electoral system is that they earn like Presbyterians but vote like Puerto Ricans.  This anomaly must stop  The only place for Jews now is in the Republican Party.  Just as Southerners moved from rigid support for the Democratic Party until the civil rights act of the 1960’s, when they saw their interests were no longer served by that party, so the Jews must also change.

You can tell a lot about the political beliefs of  a person by how he treats stray cats; if he is a liberal he will feed a cat, if he is an extreme leftist he will organize a party to demand food supplies for the cats, if he is a conservative he will shoo the cat away and if he is a right-wing extremist he will kick the cat or put down poison.  I would shoo the cat away, because if you feed it it will only bring more cats and they will disrupt your meal.  Similarly, with the immgrants from Syria or Africa, if you treat them well and give them entitlements, more and more of them will come.  I don’t believe in mistreating the underdog, but we are no longer underdogs (thank goodness), so although we can show mercy, we must not be deluded into giving them what they want, otherwise we will be flooded with them and our coutry and home will not be what it is and what gave us the freedom to choose.



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