The Fires

At this writing there are still at least 16 major fires burning around Israel from Haifa to Jerusalem.  The main cause of these fires has been the extremely dry conditions, there has been no major rain for 6 months, and the recent hot weather (it was still 80 deg a few days ago) as well as strong winds.  But, once the fires started, including one near Jerusalem that was apparently started by careless campers, there were many more fires.  So many separate fires indicates arson, and in fact to date 12 individuals, most of them Israeli Arabs, have been arrested for starting fires.  However, the investigations are in the early stage while the fires are still burning.  Over 75,000 citizens were forced to leave Haifa and dozens of homes have been burnt.

PM Netanyahu stated that “if a fire is due to arson that is an act of terrorism.” and most Israelis agree with him.   It may be opportunistic and no-one has been killed so far, but it is just another way for our Arab enemies to try to harm and destroy us.  The Israeli fire services have been functioning efficiently, after the shocking lack of coordination that occurred 6 years ago when a fire in the Carmel killed 41 people.  Also, now they have water-dropping planes and have asked for assistance from Greece, Turkey, Croatia, Russia and the USA, which will send a supertanker.  Also, the PA sent 8 firetrucks with 40 men to assist in the fires near Haifa.  Fires also threaten the Arabs in Haifa as well as on the West Bank.

Israel shares a  very similar climate to California, and has a similar tendency to forest fires.  So Californians know how easily in the hot, dry climate such fires start and can be started.  Our small state has many problems to beset it, we don’t need another one, but clearly there is no divine protection against fires.

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