Upgrading a Smart Phone

I have a Samsung S3 Android smart phone that is about 4 years old.  According to my son who was visiting from California that is unacceptably old, normal people change their phones at least every 2 years to keep up.

I was having problems with my phone.  It would not charge properly.  I bought a new charger and that seemed to work for a while, but still the phone sometimes would charge less than 100% overnight and sometimes would not charge at all.  So I took it into a convenient store and they told me I needed a new battery and the charger connection on the phone needed repairing.  I had suspected that all along so I said OK, and the two items cost me NIS 220 ($58).  However, after a short time the same thing continued to happen, it would not charge.

I was going to take it back to the same place, but my Filipino carer, who knows more about these things than I do and has a whole network of Filippino experts, said don’t go back to that store they will not do anything and will charge you again.  Instead she recommended a store where there was an honest guy, a one-man repair shop near the bus station.  So I took my phone there and he spoke English and he repaired the phone, resoldering the connection to the connector inside the phone.  He charged me NIS 120 ($32).  But, after a few days the same thing recurred, no charging.  So I took it back and he worked on it for at least an hour while I waited.  He tested it and said it was now OK, and he did not charge me.

However, it was not OK. My son thought it might be the software so in the meantime he had updated to the latest available version for that S3 Android phone. But it still did not charge properly, however now it also kept rebooting itself randomly, very disconcerting. So I took it back again and he repeated the soldering and testing, but this time he admitted it was no good and asked me to come back in an hour and he replaced the connector and then it worked OK.  It charged 100% in a few hours, but, it was still re-booting randomly.  I took it back and he said he could not solve this problem (I think he was fed up with me)..

I persisted in trying to use the phone, but when it had cut off important calls three times by suddenly rebooting itself, even I had had enough.  It was by now the day before my son was to leave, on Friday afternoon.  So we raced to the Sharon Mall and to  Cellcom where I have an account and managed to get there at 1.30 pm and they were due to close at 2.30 pm for Shabbat.  I managed to get to a sales clerk and she was very helpful.  She listened patiently to my son going over all the costs and technicalities.

Their price was ca. NIS 2,500 ($660) while other stores were at ca. NIS 3,000 or more ($790).  But, because the cost included the telephone line and the service agreement and the insurance, the total came to much more.  But, since I was paying for these anyway, my monthly increase was going to be only ca. NIS 70 ($18) per month over three years. I said enough already, and I bought the new S7 Android.  Transferring all my data from the S3 to the S7 took about a half hour, so we left there at 3 pm, just as they were closing, the last possible moment for me to get a new phone while my son was still here.

The new cell phone is great, it has all my previous information and set-up in it, but it is so much faster and is beautiful to behold.   We re-set my now worthless old S3 phone to the original company settings, and guess what, it does not re-boot randomly any more (!).  Whenever my son visits it costs me, but I end up with all the latest toys.



One thought on “Upgrading a Smart Phone

  1. Hi Jack,

    I have been using a Samsung Galaxy S7 for several months and I’m very happy with it. It is so powerful with so many features that it can be really mind boggling. I recently purchased a copy of “My Samsung Galaxy S7 for Seniors”, by Michael Miller, published by QUE. It’s an excellent tutorial.

    All the best, Phil


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