Tel Aviv Port

The port of Tel Aviv was founded in 1936 when the Arab revolt and strike at Jaffa Port brought the country to a standstill.  The British Army fought the Arabs and the British Administration developed Haifa Port.  They also gave permission for the Jews to develop a Port at Tel Aviv.

Although the Port continued to be active until some years ago, eventually after Haifa Port grew and then the Port of Ashdod was founded, the Port at Tel Aviv became obsolete.  A few years ago it was transformed into a popular cultural and restaurant area.  When we went there recently to meet some friends it was packed with people.  Notably they were all Israelis, very few if any foreign tourists.  Finding parking was very difficult. I did not know that many people park at the large parking lot next to the Reading Power Station that is nearby and cross a footbridge to the Port area.  Since we could not find a parking place inside the Port I managed to squeeze the car between two posts into an empty lot.  But, then an attendant on an electic cart came up and told us it was illegal.  But we told him we couldn’t find parking anywhere else.  Although he put a post into a hole in the ground to block entry, he didn’t tell us to leave and so we simply removed the post when we left.

It was very pleasant walking the length of the Port area, including a large crowded indoor and outdoor food market, with excellent fruits and vegetables.  We also ate at one of the many restaurants lining the sea front and strolled along the wooden promenade,which is not flat but undulating in waves.  The Tel Aviv Port is certainly worth a visit for a pleasant interlude.


One thought on “Tel Aviv Port

  1. Hey, you’re doing a good job of promoting travel to Israel. I haven’t been for 9 years, always somewhere else to go and it gets put off.


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