Trump’s appointees

Those of us who opposed Hillary Clinton and thereby supported Donald Trump have no basis to complain when he selects someone we don’t like as his appointee.  This is the case with Steve Bannon, a well-known right-wing activist, known for his organization of the alt-right thru his web-site Breibart News.  Trump has appointed him as his White House Chief-of-Staff, for his key role in getting Trump elected.  Bannon is supposed to be a “white nationalist” and many Jewish organizations have complained that he is an “avowed bigot”  But, if Hillary had been elected, we would probably have her closest aide Huma Abedin, as CoS, and she is an avowed Muslim Brotherhood supporter (her parents owned a newspaper that supported the MB in Egypt and she worked for it).  What would you rather have?  Neither?

Although I am concerned about this appointment, we must be patient and wait to see what transpires from a Trump Presidency.  It is far too early to be crying “wolf.”   At least let the dust settle.  Meanwhile we have to worry about what Obama may do in his lame-duck session while he is still President.  There are rumors about him supporting a UN Security Council resolution supporting a Palestinian State, or even having the US recognize the Palestinian State.  This would be a massive about-face in US policy and would no doubt be reversed by Trump, but it could do enormous damage.  Let’s hope he doesn’t do anything so reckless.

At present few of the 4,000 or so appointees that Trump has to appoint have been selected.  Rudi Guiliani is now expected to become Secty. of State.  Hopefully there will be a major appointment of John Bolton, former UN Ambassador.  Former Republican leader Newt Gingrich is also expected to be in a senior position.  Let’s wait until the list is filled and the transition occurs before we start complainng.


2 thoughts on “Trump’s appointees

  1. It feels wonderful with all this change in the air. Half the world needs their eyes to be opened to the Jihadi threat. Robert Spencer would be the icing on the cake!


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