Democracy Works

The main lesson we can take away from the recent Presidential election in the USA is that democracy works! Certainly this was far from a perfect election, certainly the final candidates were hardly the first choices of most people.  Yet, the system threw up two completely different and opposite candidates that gave the voting public a clear choice.

You had the political insider, with 30 years of experience in the system, having had lots of experience as a Senator and as Secretary of State.  You had the outsider, never having held public office, without being tainted by the system.  There was the liberal, believing in big government that can spend money on entitlements to help the poor and the disadvantaged, and the conservative, believing in small government and freeing disposable income by reducing taxes.  You even had the choice between a man and a woman.

And the popular election was close, only a fraction separated the final tallies, yet the state system and the Electoral College did what the founding fathers planned, it magnified the victory of the winner of the majority of the States, so that a clear winner emerged.  Winston Churchill said that “Democracy is the worst form of government, except for all the others.”  In other words only democracy allows a nonviolent change in government and ruler, no other system manages a peaceful transition.  Think of Russia, think of the recent events in Egypt, Syria and Iraq and so many other countries.  In Turkey, Erdogan is in the process of dismantling the secular state founded by Kemal Ataturk and reinstating an Islamic State. Or China, where a one-party police state still prevails.   Then there’s North Korea and Iran!

Those leftists who demonstrated against the election of Pres. Trump with such signs as “He’s not my President” would no doubt have accepted the result if Hillary had won.  They might even have praised the democratic system and most would call themselves Democrats.  But, they are not democrats if they will not accept the will of the people. The left tends to think of itself as the “vanguard of the people” knowing what’s best for them and showing the way.  But, the people choose for themselves, and a true democrat must accept that.  The chosen candidate may be a terrible person, a promiscuous serial adulterer like Kennedy, or a swearing foul-mouthed manipulator like LBJ, or a self-obsessed cold hater like Nixon, or incompetent like Ford, or indecisive like Carter.  But, the losers must accept the choice of the majority.  Also in this case. Welcome President Trump.


4 thoughts on “Democracy Works

  1. Jack–the USA is a constitutional republic, NOT a democracy. If it was a democracy, then the winner of the popular vote would become president-elect. Only time will tell whether the electorate made the correct choice.


  2. I loved the ‘ you can’t always get what you want’ song playing in the background after he made his acceptance speech! Brilliant


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