Trump’s Promises

Lest we forget, here is a list of promises that Donald Trump made in his successful campaign for President.  The big question is how many of them will he actually implement.

  1. Will he build a wall across the US-Mexican border and repatriate millions of illegal Mexican immigrants?  This will be a difficult issue for him to implement, for several reasons.  First, the cost of building such an effective barrier will be exorbitant, hundreds of millions of dollars.  How will he pay for this?  Maybe the use of metal wire fences will bring the price down, but serious illegals can tunnel under it.  How will he stop the current use of tunnels to bring people and drugs into the US?  He intends to increase the number of customs officers, but how many?  He said he will not have midnight raids and mass deportations, but how can he remove the millions of illegals without doing this?
  2. He said he will stop Muslims entering the US without serious screening.  Will he manage to enact such a law/regulation?
  3. He promised he will reduce the tax rates and reduce red-tape and make it economically viable for companies to bring their funds and their factories back to the US.  Since he has a Republican Congress to work with him, it is likely that he will be able to achieve this with legislation.
  4. Obamacare will be revoked, but what will he put in its place?   This is unclear.
  5. He will cancel several trade agreements, including NAFTA that is a Bill Clinton deal.  However, cancelling this agreement will negatively affect the Mexican economy.
  6. Trump promised to revoke the nuclear deal negotiated with Iran.  Can he in fact do this, since it is an international treaty, which also includes several of America’s allies?  And if he manages to revoke this, what will he do about Iran?  Can he reintroduce sanctions and threaten them to stop their nuclear weapons program?
  7. Trump has said he will put America first, which worries many that he will be isolationist.  If so will he continue Obama’s retraction of US power from around the world.   On  the other hand, he wants to “make America great,” and wants to increase the defense budget, which seems somewhat contradictory.
  8. He has vowed that he will defeat ISIS, this is already in process.  Will he step up US involvement in supporting the anti-IS forces?
  9. Trump has said he will recognize Jerusalem as the capital of Israel.  Will he do this?  Other Presidents have promised this before, but it will make the US more unpopular with the Arab world.
  10. Trump promised to reduce US expenditures throughout the world in exchange for greater contributions from USA allies, including NATO.  He also can be expected to cut perennial aid to such groups as the Palestinians and the UN.
  11. In relation to Russia, Trump could do a deal with Pres. Putin.  He could recognize the Russian occupation of Crimea as a fait accompli in exchange for a withdrawal from Eastern Ukraine and accepting Russian presence in Syria in exchange for a removal of Pres. Assad.

At least we can be sure there will be no repeat of the rush to make a conciliatory speech to the Arab world in Cairo.  In a year we will review what he has and has not attempted and/or accomplished.


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