Run, Boy, Run

Run, Boy, Run,” is the title of a Polish movie based on a true story of a Jewish boy’s experiences of survival during the Shoah (Holocaust).  It has Polish and Yiddish dialog, but English subtitles.  While he attracts the German soldiers fire towards himself his father tells him to run away, but he also tells him to take a Polish name and pretend to be Polish, but never forget that he is in fact Jewish and that he must survive.

Without any previous experience like many thousands of Jewish children he is cast out into the world of nature without anyone to protect him.  It is survival of the fittest.  He joins up with some other Jewish children, but they are ambushed and most are killed.  He manages to get away and wanders in the forest, eating scraps, until he finds a farmhouse and passes out.

A woman is alone in the house since her husband and sons are fighting with the partisans and so she rescues the boy and looks after him. Although he tells her he is Polish using the name Jurek, she knows he is in fact Jewish and she coaches him in how to pass for Polish, teaching him how to pray and how to praise Jesus.  She also arranges a hideout under the floorboards in a cellar.  But, neighbors suspect that she is hiding a Jew and she tells him he must leave.

He wanders again and finally finds another large farm where he is able to work for food. But, in an accident his hand is caught in a machine and it has to be amputated.  He survives the operation, but is cast out again, and wanders until he finds his way back to the sympathetic woman.  After he is there the Germans come and burn her house down, but he is saved in his hiding place.  He leaves again going east end eventually comes to a farm where they take him in and he is there when the Russians arrive.  He is happy living there and forgets he is Jewish.

One day an emissary of the Jewish Agency arrives because someone has given information about a possible Jewish orphan survivor.  At first he adamantly denies he is Jewish, so ingrained is it in him.  But eventually the family agree that he must be Jewish and they allow him to leave. The Jewish representative drives him to his original town and he sees the devastation and destruction.  He finds only a few people he remembers.

Finally he is seen as a grandfather living in Israel, with his children and  grandchildren around him.  How he survived alone and after losing his hand is a miracle.  A worthwhile movie to see, depressing, yet finally uplifting.  How easily we forget how our people was treated not so long ago, worse than dogs, children so dangerous to be killed on sight.



3 thoughts on “Run, Boy, Run

  1. I cannot believe that you have not reacted to the election. Maybe shell-shock has been too strong. I had to satisfy myself with Caroline Glick and Yakov Katz in the post. Don.


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