Buying a Large Screen TV

You can be sure that whenever my son is visiting from the USA it will cost me big bucks.  Every time he comes he takes it as his responsibility to ensure that we are up-to-date in every technical area, computers, cell phones, or in this case TVs.  No sooner is he thru the door than he is complaining about how small our TV is.  So I finally caved in and within two days I found myself in a store full of huge TV screens.  I had no choice.

We measured the size of the space on our sideboard.  The maximum height it could accommodate was 27.5 inches.  So we went with the intention of buying the biggest possible TV screen, but after some measuring, we found that the maximum size of the screen, including the height of the stand, would be 49 inch (the diagonal length of the screen).  But, there are only a few companies that make that size.  After, measuring a few of them and with the assistance of the salesman (he was patient), we found a Philips that was exactly right, 27 inch height with the legs.  It was perfect, and not too expensive (with 12 payments).

We took it home and now it’s sitting in our living room, and it fits perfectly in the space.  It looks huge to me and it makes me feel somehow seasick watching it, it’s too perfect. the people look bigger than life-size, I’m afraid of it.  But, at least now I can see the ball when they play tennis and I can distinguish the colors of the balls when they play snooker. And at least we got it in time to be able to watch the Presidential election results on the large screen in technicolor and see Trump win (note: leftists support democracy until they lose)..

Next Simon tells me I have to update my cell phone, mine is at least 4 generations old.  It’s unacceptable, and its going to cost me.


One thought on “Buying a Large Screen TV

  1. Mazel Tov on the new TV, wishing you all well to use it in true enjoyment. Sometimes we have to shake up our lives, the election was to much for me, but I am so happy that you are satisfied with the result, and that you were able to see it on your new set.
    Happy Birthday Simon, and know you have changed your father’s life forever.
    Shabbat Shalom,


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