The Second Comey

The second shoe has dropped.  Just in time for the election, FBI Director James Comey issued a second letter that once again concludes that in a further search of e-mails that came to light on the laptop of former Congressman Weiner, husband of Clinton’s top aide Huma Abedin, there is no evidence that could be used to indict the former Secty. of State for her misuse of a private insecure e-mail server.

Frankly, this conclusion stretches credulity.  Even though Comey states that the FBI have been “working around the clock,” in the 8 days since his last letter it seems impossible that they could have gone thru the reportedly 650,000 e-mails that were found on Weiner’s laptop.  Further e-mails from and to Clinton by her close aides concerning her work as Secty. of State of the USA cannot legally be allowed to be present on an unsecure laptop held by a private person.  One wonders why so many of Clinton’s e-mails were in fact stored on this laptop, presumably by Abedin.  Were they a kind of insurance policy against incrimination or was there a more sinister reason?  Without a thorough investigation we will never know.

Releasing this second letter two days before election day may not in fact change the outcome.  Many of us are so sure that Clinton is being protected by actions of the DOJ and the Attorney General of the USA, Obama appointee Loretta Lynch, that we are certain this FBI conclusion is a purely political one.  Maybe Comey issued his previous incriminating letter to cover his own behind in case of future investigations. But, if Clinton wins be sure there will be no further investigations and the matter will be killed.  Otherwise who knows what might happen to those who continue to pursue this investigation.  If Trump wins then expect justice to triumph.


2 thoughts on “The Second Comey

  1. Enough. You have written enough nonsense, untruths, conspiracy theories, distortions, and more, without a shred of evidence to support any of it. You have even less familiarity with U.S laws. Your ignorance of the availability of technology, and mine. is astonishing, not simply because of your ignorance but because you don’t recognise it. I have always believed the scientists draw conclusions from facts, not unsupported, pure speculation. I wonder what you would say if someone wrote in the same vein about Israel. It also might interest you to know that Comey is a Republican, not a “liberal”.



    • Gene, you seem to have lost contriol, you have goen off the deep end. A Blog is not a scientiifc paper, it is an opinion piece. Am I not allowed to express my opinion? Incidentally it agrees with that of millions of other Americans, that Hillary is one of the most disliked and distrusted politicians ever, with a ca. 70% disapproval rating, higher than that of Trump.
      I know Comey is a Republican, I never said he was a “liberal.” But, his conclusions can be just as wrong, expecially if it is a political decision decided by Obama and his AG. Don’t you believe in conspiracy theories?
      Anyway, may the Best Man win!


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