Unholy Alliance

Throughout the Western world there is an unholy alliance between the supposed forces of liberalism and the extreme forces of Islamism.  The consequences of this alliance can be actively seen on campuses of Universities in Britain and America that are supposed to be bastions of free speech and open discussion.  It has got to the point that pro-Israel speakers are unable to even be present on campus without there being violent and dangerous riots against them.  They are considered to be persona non grata without even opening their mouths and without any consideration for the truth.   As far as this unholy alliance is concerned facts no longer matter,.

Here are two examples.  At University College, University of London, an Israeli, Hen Mazzig, was due to speak to the Jewish Student Association.  First, the University College Union informed the JSA that he was not an appropriate speaker and they could endanger their being a recognized student group if they actually invited him.  This was pure intimidation.  Then the Administration warned them not to continue with the event because it would be a “controversial incident.”

When they decided to go ahead with the meeting, despite all the threats rather than give up their right to freedom of speech, they had to fight their way into the meeting room through a hostile crowd carrying signs not only attacking Israel, but also supporting the Islamic Republic of Iran.  When the meeting was underway, four rioters forced their way into the room and disrupted the meeting.  The police were called, but stood around and effectively did nothing.   Finally, the situation became so violent that the police forced the speaker and the Jewish students to leave under their protection.  In this way the vaunted University of London, founded on the principle of freedom of speech, allows its own students to prevent that principle from being honored, but only for one group, the Jews.  That is anti-Semitism.  For a full description see the article by Hen Mazzig in The Jerusalem Post (see http://www.jpost.com/Opinion/Campus-Farhud-471770 ).

My son lives in California, and recently went to a talk given by Mark Yudof, the former President of the University of California, on “BDS and the assault of free speech on university campuses.”  Among his revelations was that the situation is so prevalent that left-wing movements feel justified in preventing any expression of pro-Israel opinions, and that includes speeches by representatives of Jewish organizations.  This also borders on open anti-Semitism.  Nazis on campus could not have expected more.

The situation on University campuses throughout the Western world has become intolarable.  Jewish students are threatened and made to feel unwelcome by this unholy alliance of liberals, making outrageously untrue statements about Israel and Jews, and Islamists who seek at every turn to destroy the state of Israel and Jews as well.   For example, Hen Mazzig mentioned above, was called a “war criminal” by the rioters, but he opposes use of Israel’s military force and is in fact openly gay, a fact that would cause him to be ostracized at least and probably murdered in almost any Muslim country.  The only country where he is in fact safe in the whole Middle East is liberal democratic Israel.  He plaintively asks why would the demonstrators label him a “war criminal” when he has done nothing even remotely to deserve that label, except having been born an Israeli Jew. If his isn’t racism what is?  Whatever happened to, “Land of hope and glory, mother of the free“? and the supposed freedom of speech enshrined in the US Constitution?



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